More than the fact that he wasn't part of the meetings which were held with film fraternity and Telangana Cinematography Minsiter Talasani Srinivas Yadav, actor Nandamuri Balakrishna is really hurt for not being invited to any of the meetings.

Especially after the final meeting that Chiranjeevi and others held with Chief Minister Chandrashekar Rao, a lot of things have changed is what the actor believes. The remarks made by the actor while talking to media have gone viral and Naga Babu, has responded to them, in his usual and aggressive way.

Naga Babu
Naga Babu.Screenshot from YouTube

To the comments that Balakrishna has made, on being invited to any of the meetings, Naga Babu said Balakrishna has all the rights to get hurt and express his displeasure in not being invited to the meeting. "But the allegations of grabbing lands are highly objectionable. This is not correct. There are dozens of Tollywood people are ready to counter him in a similar language but we are refraining. Balakrishna garu, hold your tongue," added the actor.

Chiranjeevi with Balakrishna
Chiranjeevi with BalakrishnaFacebook

Balakrishna was not insulting the Telugu film industry, but also doing a lot of damage to the Telangana government as well, said Naga Babu. An apology from the Ruler actor has been demanded.

Tiffs in between the Konidela and Nandamuri families have always been there and at many instances, the families have had verbal words, though indirectly. Looks like the traditional rivalry in between both the families never ends. Once again, a cold war in the film industry has begun. Chiranjeevi and others from the industry are yet to comment on this issue.