Elli Avram deleted this picture with Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur
Elli Avram deleted this picture with Salman Khan and Iulia VanturElli Avram Instagram

Elli Avram, who is in news these days for her rumored affair with cricketer Hardik Pandya, is also being talked about for posting a cozy picture with Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur, which she later deleted.

Elli recently posted a photo on Instagram in which Salman is seen hugging her adorably with the superstar's rumored girlfriend Iulia smiling just behind them.

The trio looked happy in the frame that showcases the bonding among the two ladies and Salman. However, Elli soon deleted the picture and later posted another two photos – one with Iulia and the other with Salman.

It's perplexing to see the Swedish actress deleting the first picture, and then posting two other photos that show her with the same two persons separately.

Did Salman tell her to delete the photo? Did she feel the picture was too private to be posted on Instagram? Was Iulia being in the same frame with Salman the factor? Well, the exact reason will be best known to Elli.

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Interestingly, Iulia also shared the same picture that Elli later deleted on Instagram. She shared the image with the caption saying, " Such a beautiful photo".

Salman at one point in time was linked-up with Elli, and many believe Iulia is his current girlfriend. There were rumors that Salman and Elli had shared a relationship more than just friends, but it had later turned out to be just rumors.

However, the Tiger Zinda Hai actor and Iulia are still talked about for their rumored secret affair. There were even rumors that the two would tie the knot, but nothing as such had happened.

Meanwhile, Elli these days is being linked-up with Hardik, with whom she often gets spotted at various places. The actress was some time ago spotted with the young cricketer outside Hakim Aalim's salon. While Hardik was fine with the paparazzi clicking him, Elli was too shy to get clicked as she was seen desperately hiding her face.

Although Elli's actions suggest that there is something between her and Hardik, the actress had denied it.

"Let them [people] be curious in life. Why do I need to clarify anything? By talking about these rumors, I'd just be giving more fodder for gossip. Anyway, so many wrong things have been written over the years but I've never gone out and clarified. Once you become a known face, people will follow you for gossip and news. But, we are not going to lock ourselves up. So, you can't do much to stop these rumors. People have such strong mentality that no matter what I say, they will be like, 'Oh, she is lying. We know the truth. She is hiding something," Elli had told an entertainment portal when asked about Hardik.