Kate and Pete
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Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson have been creating quite a buzz for quite some time about their relationship status. Now, it seems that they have the answer to all our questions.

Are they serious?

After being caught in the public twice holding each other's hands, the two decided to take things further as they packed on the PDA while attending the New York Rangers game in the Big Apple. The couple got intimate while sitting on the stands and locked lips. Kate even tenderly stroke his face while staring into his eyes.

The couple did not seem to care at all as they enjoyed their time together at the ice hockey match. They looked relaxed and happy in each other's company. And it seems that the couple is now ready to take their relationship to the next level. As was told by a source to Hollywood Life, "Pete falls hard for girls he dates and that is something that is happening with Kate. So much so that Pete's friends are first very happy for him that he has found someone that makes him feel really great and happy."

Pete Davidson
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The source further added that they are concerned for Pete and that he is "diving into something too fast and too soon. But that is something that is in his nature to do in the first place, so they aren't exactly surprised."

Another source told Celebrity Insider that Pete is in the mood to propose her. The source says, "The way he talks about her is giving many of his friends the vibe that he will pop the question to Kate really soon. It's been a whirlwind relationship but it appears it's leading to something more serious for Pete and popping that question is looking likely to be a reality really soon."  

Kate looked sensual as usual in a chic, belted coat. The star teamed the black jacket with dark boots, skinny jeans and a striped top. While Pete wore his usual casual dress. Pete teamed ripped skinny jeans with a pale blue jumper over a pastel pink T-shirt.

Pete is just five years older to Kate's daughter Lily Mo. Kate and Michael Sheen were with each other for eight years from 1995 to 2003.

Pete Davidson has also been through a lot in the past few days. After his engagement with Ariana Grande broke out, the SNL star had lost control over his life. He had become suicidal, and such was his condition that even the New York Police had to turn up at the sets of SNL to ensure that the comedian was not going to do anything reckless.

The tip for the police was when he took to social media and posted status updates that were strong indications of mental instability.

It was at the Golden Globes Award after party that Pete came across Kate Beckinsale and sparks started to fly between the two. There were many people who saw both Kate and Pete get very cosy in each other's company.

And since the two have already come out in the open as a couple by getting intimate in public, things seem to be going good for Pete Davidson, who has been trolled a lot also by Kate Beckinsale's fans. But, Kate has also stood up against those trolls, protecting Pete.