Ever since the inception of Ekta Kapoor's show Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2, the lead pair Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes have been rumoured to be dating in real life. While a few months ago reports suggested that the couple had broken up, according to recent reports, the actors have reconciled.

Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes breakup
Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes breakupInstagram

Although both Parth and Erica's social media pages speak volumes of the love they share for one another, the couple has never admitted to their relationship. Refuting the dating rumour, Parth told the Times of India that Erica and he are great friends and party together but are not in a relationship.

"I am not dating Erica and was never in a relationship with her. We are great friends and have a lot of fun on the set. We share a good on-screen chemistry as well. During my previous show, I would retire to my make-up room immediately after shooting my scenes, but that's not the case here. Erica and I have a lot of fun together on the set, hang out, and party together," Parth said.

Parth's apology

He further told the daily that he apologises to Erica whenever she gets offended by his jokes. "She is a bit sensitive and is easily offended when I crack jokes. I often apologise to her to restore peace (laughs!). She is quieter and reserved, while I am always trying to pull a fast one on people."

The couple reportedly patched up after Parth's apology to Erica. Well, whether he apologises to Erica for cracking jokes or for his wrongdoings or not, the fact that they are together has brought a huge relief to ardent fans of the actors.

Reason for breakup

Parth and Erica's breakup sent shock waves among their fans as they were head over heels in love with each other. The reason behind the breakup was said to be Parth's alleged closeness with a 26-year-old girl Priyanka Solanki from Jaipur. Apparently, Parth suddenly became too close to Priyanka and their friendship did not go down well with Erica, although she initially tried to brush it off.

Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandes
Parth Samthaan and Erica Fernandesinstagram

Later, another actress entered the actor's life - his Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 co-star Ariah Agarwal. The actor was spotted hanging out with her quite a bit. In fact, Ariah, who plays the role of Mishka on the show, went on to express her feelings for Parth on social media as well.