bell shaped ufo
YouTube: Secureteam10

Popular conspiracy theory channel 'Secureteam10' has recently released a clip apparently shot from Gothenburg, Sweden that shows a bizarre flying object hovering in the skies in broad daylight. Tyler Glockner, the UFO researcher who runs this YouTube channel argues that the object spotted in the video initially looks like a building floating in the sky.

However, upon closer analysis, the strange flying object literally resemble the 'Bell UFO' which Nazis had allegedly developed during the time of World War Two.

Glockner went on claiming that the unidentified flying object in the video might be using Nazi technology for its propulsion.

"It is really strange. It does look like a pretty big object. Actually, it really looks like a bell. We have seen these bell-shaped UFOs before, specifically in Germany in the 1940s. Many people believe that Germany was the very first nation to actually get hold of some sort of back reverse-engineered alien technology, and actually harness anti-gravity technology," said Glockner in the video.

It should be noted that this strange clip was originally captured by a YouTube user named Amirreza Milad, but it gained immense popularity after it was shared by 'Secureteam10'. The video has already racked up more than 237,000 views on YouTube, and viewers were quick to speculate what it could be.

"That's pretty striking evidence right there, even has people staring at it all over the street. Phenomenal," commented Ayla Hydri, a YouTube user.

A section of YouTube users argued that these bizarre objects could be actually alien spaceships from deep space.

"Disclosure is coming soon this sort of thing has been happening forever, alien craft coming into our solar system, and now they want to make announcements? Very weird," commented Kenneth Russel, another YouTuber.

However, some Swedish citizens who watched the clip made it clear that the strange object in the skies could be actually an inflatable forklift truck.

"I live in Sweden and looked it up on local news. It was apparently a massive inflatable forklift truck it shows some close-up pics," commented Bambs27.