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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

A mysterious celestial phenomenon was recently spotted by the camera of a STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) launched by the US space agency NASA.

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Two of NASA's STEREO observatories were launched in 2006 for taking stereoscopic images of the Sun from different angles which are not visible from Earth.

A fleet of strange cigar-shaped objects passing by the Sun at a quick pace was captured by the STEREO camera recently.

ufo, space, Sun, STEREO,
YouTube screenshot/ secureteam10

Around 10 cylindrical objects sighted by the STEREO satellite were observed by a UFO hunter named Streetcap1.

One side of these structures can be seen bright in the sunlight while the other part looking dark. Enhanced view of these mysterious three dimensional structures can be seen in the image captured by STEREO's camera.

UFO hunter Tyler Glockner from Secureteam 10 also revealed that a similar cylindrical objects had been spotted hovering over the city of New York in the 1950s or 60s. He also flashed a black and white image to prove his claim. The image defines the mysterious object pretty well. The object appears to be similar to the structures spotted around the Sun by STEREO.

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YouTube screenshot/ secureteam 1o

But this is not the first time something strange has been witnessed by UFO hunters. There have been various instances when unexplainable objects have been spotted around the Sun which are believed to be extraterrestrial.

Another UFO was spotted on November 15 2016 by STEREO HI1, this celestial body was blue in colour and apparently triggered a reaction in the Sun before it vanished.

Usually any such finding is dismissed as a technical error or reflection on the lens by space organisations and astronomers.

Watch the video here and let us know what you think about these objects spotted lately by STEREO satellite:

YouTube/ secureteam10