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Conspiracy theorists around the world strongly believe that Nibiru, known as death planet, was about to collide with Earth on August 16. However, a report in Koz Telegram claims that NASA changed the trajectory of 'Planet X' using powerful missiles fired from the Earth.

The claims made by Koz Telegram seem cinematic, as they blatantly argue that Nibiru was very close to the Earth on August 16. As apocalyptic fear looms large on the minds of scientists in NASA, they decided to fire a barrage of rockets targeting Nibiru.

The report revealed that American space agency received this information from a top Russian ufologist who wished to keep his name under wraps.

However, sceptics are not convinced about the theory put forward by the Koz Telegram. According to them, it is practically impossible to conduct such series of rocket launches into space in an era where most of the people carry smartphones capable of recording HD videos. It should also be noted that Koz Telegram had predicted the doomsday date on August 16. 

Conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru recently gained popularity when self-proclaimed Christian numerologist David Meade predicted that the apocalypse will happen on September 23 last year. As nothing happened on that date, Meade later changed it to October 15, 2017.

Meade later revealed that the Earth is currently going through a seven-year tribulation period where we will witness a drastic rise in natural disasters. Meade also added that rogue planet Nibiru will initially appear in the skies between June and December this year.

As conspiracy theories surrounding Nibiru started ruling the internet, NASA made it very clear that there is no such thing as Planet X in the solar system. Experts from the United States space agency also added that Nibiru is nothing but an internet hoax. As per experts, Nibiru could have been easily seen by naked eyes if it was indeed approaching the Earth.