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As long as there is social media, controversies will never stop following Kapil Sharma. The comedian was recently pulled up by a lady for passing lewd remarks about women on his show.

A Twitter user posted a quote on his timeline which it claimed was said by Kapil Sharma on The Kapil Sharma Show.

"One should never talk to women with respect, otherwise they will fall in love with you. And if she does, then you will end up becoming a father to her child. And you don't want to be a father at such a young age (Loose translation from Hindi)," read the text posted by a Twitter user.

Kapil Sharma

The particular tweet irked a woman who slammed Kapil, his show and Sony TV for normalising sexist jokes on national television and encouraging objectification of women in the name of humour.

Her criticism reached Kapil Sharma who has rubbished the particular quote that has been doing the rounds on social media. The comedian replied to the woman in a dignified way and informed her that the words are not his and wished if she could've done a fact check before reacting in such a way.

"Dear sister, I wish you could check the facts before reacting. Those words were not mine. The rest Ram ji will do everything right. Thank you," Kapil Sharma clarified his stance.

Kapil Sharma
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There's no denying that the nation loves Kapil Sharma and never misses an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show which acts like a healing pill for most of its viewers. And we hope Kapil and his show continues to spread laughter all over the world.