Kangana Ranaut Zarina wahab
Aditya Pancholi with his wife Zarina Wahab (left), Kangana Ranaut (right)Varinder Chawla

Kangana Ranaut's recent revelation about her first relationship and her age at that time has put some doubts on her rape and assault allegations on Aditya Pancholi.

During a recent event where Kangana was invited to speak on her personal life including sex, relationships, etc. the actress said that she had her first affair at the age of 17. She said that she was dating a Punjabi guy in Chandigarh when she was 17-18.

"I had my first relationship at 17-18. I was in Chandigarh. My friend was on a date, and I ended up with her date's friend. He was a cute Punjabi guy. He was 28 and I was 16-17. He looked at me and he was like, 'you're a kid'. He figured that I was too new in the game. I was heartbroken," Kangana said at the event.

While it is interesting to hear about Kangana's first relationship, this revelation raised many eyebrows as she had earlier accused Aditya Pancholi of physically assaulting her in Mumbai when she was 17.

Kangana and Aditya, who was already married, were reportedly in a relationship for some time during her struggling days in Mumbai. While the liaison did not last long, Kangana later had alleged that Pancholi had raped and physically abused her when she was a minor.

"When this man (Pancholi) who used to be my father's age, he hit me so hard that my head was...I fell on my head on the floor and it started to bleed. I must have been 17 or something. I picked up my sandal and I hit his head hard and it started to bleed as well," the actress had told NDTV in an interview, following which a legal battle between the two actors began.

While Pancholi not only denied the allegations but also filed defamation case against Kangana, the latter and her sister Rangoli Chandel continued to fire salvo at him.

Some netizens have also noticed the apparent doubts on Kangana's statements, wondering if she is lying.