Dipika Kakkar

In an industry that is all about glamour and oomph, being even slightly towards the heavier end of the scale can end up taking away a lot from celebs. Several celebs who put on weight had to or were removed from shows and films. Even on the big screen, seldom roles are written for women who weigh a bit heavy.

In what may come as a shocking revelation, television's most loved diva, Dipika Kakar has revealed that it was her husband Shoaib Ibrahim, who forced her to lose weight. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, let us tell you. Shoaib did this only to make her look and feel the part of her latest show – Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum.

While Dipika would be seen playing the role of an actress in the show, her co-star, Karan V Grover would be seen playing the role of a doctor. The show would portray the life of a couple with strikingly different occupations and how they strike a balance.

Talking about her role and the shape it required her to be in, Dipika had said that after coming out of Bigg Boss 12, where people don't usually get to eat much, Dipika had started eating a lot and piling on kilos. So, when the offer came and she was asked to look a certain way, it was her husband Shoaib who motivated her to grab the opportunity even if it means a bit more of a hardwork offscreen too. He not only helped her exercise, schedule a gym routine, but also helped her be on a diet. Dipika is currently on keto diet where the food is quite restricted.

Dipika Kakar was the winner of Bigg Boss 12. Her calm and composed demeanour inside the house won her applause from various sections of the society.