Bob Lazar
Wikimedia Commons

Bob Lazar became one of the most popular faces among conspiracy theorists after he opened up about activities in Area 51 in 1989. While revealing shocking details about the notorious United States army base, Bob Lazar claimed that experts from various fields of science had conducted several experiments using alien technologies inside Area 51. After maintaining silence for nearly three decades, Bob Lazar came into limelight again after he opened up about his experiences in the show 'Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers' made by Jeremy Corbell.

During the show, Jeremy Corbell revealed that Bob Lazar's business 'United Nuclear' was raided by FBI officers. Jeremy Corbell apparently obtained the police report, and he revealed that the officers were actually searching for a mysterious substance, reports.

Corbell believes that the officers were actually searching for a material called Element 115 which Lazar is said to have taken from Area 51.

"Lazar did have a stabilized version of Element 115 in his possession at one time. He did tests on it – and filmed the element bending light due to its unique gravitational characteristics. A handful of witnesses observed these tests – including investigative reporter, George Knapp. There is footage of one of these tests in my film. Lazar was able to acquire some of the element when it was being machined at Area 51," Corbell told Express.

Corbell added that the mysterious Element 115 is actually the part of a fuel that is used in extraterrestrial spacecraft.

"They specified to Lazar and his employees that the search was primarily for a receipt from a past client that was being investigated in connection to 'potentially toxic materials' in relation to death. However, the actual events of the day during the raid paint a curious picture. We believe that the 'official' intent of the raid was a cover-story – and that they were looking for a piece of the fuel source for the extraterrestrial craft Lazar once worked on for the United States Government at Area 51" revealed Corbell.

Corbell also made it clear that Bob Lazar's claims about Area 51 are authentic, and people have not succeeded in debunking him for the past three decades.