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Area 51, the secretive United States Air Force base initially became a debating point among conspiracy theorists when a man named Bob Lazar told a Las Vegas TV station that nine alien spacecraft were being tested and analyzed by experts, way back in 1989. Even though Lazar made these remarks under a pseudonym "Dennis, his identity was soon disclosed, and shortly thereafter he emerged as a hero among conspiracy theorists who believe in the existence of extraterrestrials.

Now in a new documentary titled "Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers", he claims that he is being shadowed and targeted by government authorities for exposing the truth regarding aliens and UFOs. The alien hunter argued that he is being spied on by the government even though maintains a low profile.

"At the risk of sounding paranoid, I always believe that someone is monitoring me. It is something that is quite difficult to get out of my mind. The recent FBI raids which is not filmed pretty much cements it in my mind," said Bob Lazar.

Lazar also added that the comments he made in 1989 negatively impacted his life and made it clear that he will never repeat it.

Bob Lazar at the time claimed to have seen nine flying saucers secretly developed by the US Air Force in Area 51. He also made it clear that a reverse engineered spacecraft developed by the US Air Force is something beyond human technology. He even hinted at alien presence behind these developments.

"In fact, one of the reasons I'm coming forward with this information, it's not only a crime against the American people; it's a crime against the scientific community, which I've been part of for some time, who are actively trying to duplicate these systems. Yet they are in existence now, basically, in the hands of the government," said Lazar during the 1989 talk, Dailymail.co.uk reports.

It should be noted that Bob Lazar is not the only one who has talked openly about government cover-ups when it comes to aliens. Popular conspiracy theorists like Tyler Glockner have always raised their doubts about NASA's involvement in the alien coverup, and to substantiate their theories, these conspiracy theorists have also released various strange clips that show flying saucers hovering in the skies.