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5 Clear signs that alien life exists in universeIBTimes IN

The existence of alien life is still the most perplexing question addressed by space experts all across the world. Even though scientists have speculated the existence of alien life somewhere in the depths of deep space, neither the NASA nor the ESA has succeeded in obtaining a concrete proof which substantiates the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

However, there are some visible proofs which raise speculations of possible alien life, sometimes, within our solar system. International Business Times, India presents you with five clear signs which indicate the presence of extraterrestrial existence.

NASA expert admits the existence of alien life

A few days back, a study report submitted by Silvano P Colombano, a top scientist at NASA's Ames Research Centre has suggested that alien life forms might have already visited the earth.

As per Colombano, aliens from deep space might not necessarily use traditional building blocks of life which is carbon, and this might be the reason why these extraterrestrials went unnoticed in human probes. The NASA scientist also added that the alien beings that visited the earth might be more advanced than humans, and suggested that they could do interstellar space travel.

Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts

Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts (FRB) is another crucial sign that aliens might be living somewhere in the universe. Even though most of the FRBs last just milliseconds, their bright pulses of radio emissions can be detected by powerful instruments located on the earth.

Interestingly, in September, an observatory in Australia named Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) successfully detected 20 mysterious signals from deep space. Shockingly, out of the 20 radio bursts, 19 came from an entirely new source.

Some space scientists believe that these fast radio bursts are being sent by advanced alien civilizations to proclaim their existence.

Increased UFO sightings

In December 2017, the Pengaton admitted that they have conducted an investigation program named AATIP (Advanced Areal Threat Identification Program) to unveil the mysteries surrounding unidentified flying objects (UFO). The US agency also released a video of a UFO that performs several manoeuvres in the air, as if it defies all the laws of modern physics.

Apart from this video, YouTube is loaded with a lot of UFO videos, most of them that shows triangular flying objects hovering in the skies. Even though most of these clips have gone viral, neither the NASA nor the United States government has bothered to share their views about these sightings.

The mysterious lake on Mars

Experts believe that water is the most necessary ingredient for alien life. In July, experts at NASA discovered a lake underneath a glacier on Mars. Interestingly, this was the first stable water body located on Mars, and experts believe that it is more than 12 miles wide.

Some space scientists argue that these underground lakes might be a habitat for aliens, at least in microbial forms.

Comments made by Abraham Loeb

Top Harvard astronomer Abraham Loeb had recently suggested that interstellar asteroid Oumuamua could be actually an alien spaceship. As per Loeb, the unexpected acceleration gained by Oumuamua during its course is indicating its artificial origin. The Harvard scientist also made it clear that there might be many alien artefacts lurking within our solar system.