Out of all the names that have emerged in the ongoing drugs investigation in the film industry, Deepika Padukone's name remains the most shocking one. After reaching Mumbai from Goa, Deepika straight went to the NCB set up base, where she was grilled for over five hours.

Deepika Padukone was summoned after chats between her and her manager Karishma Prakash were accessed by the NCB. In those chats, Deepika was seen asking for "hash" and not "weed" and was also discussing the logistics.

Deepika Padukone
(Source: Deepika Padukone Instagram)

There were reports that Deepika Padukone had broken down thrice during those hours of the questioning by several media houses. However, a source very close to the actress has denied the actress playing the "emotional card". "Deepika may look fragile and delicate and that she needs her man by her side during a crisis but she's a very strong woman. She's capable of handling herself," a source informed Subhash K Jha. The source also revealed that Deepika had discussed the expected line up of questions at her home with her lawyers and was prepared to face them in front of the NCB. "She had gone through the possible questions at the NCB interrogation with her legal team the night before and she was prepared," the Rediff report further said.

Deepika leaked chat
Deepika leaked chatRepublic News

There were also the reports of Ranveer Singh has sent an application to the NCB to allow him to be with Deepika during the questioning. Reports also suggested that Ranveer had stated Deepika's 'anxiety' a reason for him to be there. "It's a very tough situation for Deepika and Ranveer. But to suggest that she would ask her husband to be present during her questioning is way too wimpish a thought to be entertained by Deepika," another source told Jha.