Bigg Boss 13 might have ended but the housemates are still managing to make headlines. Be it fun reunions or music videos, the BB13 contestants have been entertaining their fans on a daily basis. Recently, lovebirds Asim Riaz and Himanshi Khurana launched their new song "Kalla Sohna Ni" which created a lot of buzz.

But smashing all the records, the most beloved couple of the house, Siddharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill #SIDNAZ enthraled the audience with their latest song, "Bhula Dunga". Talking about the same with Spotboye, Shehnaaz Gill revealed that she knew people loved SIDNAZ but never felt that it will get so many views in such a short time.

Sidharth and shehnaaz

Shehnaaz hoped to come second. But why?

Shehnaaz has always been very vocal about her love for Siddharth Shukla. Even on her wedding reality show 'Mujhse Shaadi Kroge', she openly confessed that her love for Siddharth is not allowing him to get closer to any participant.

Inside the Big Boss house, Shehnaaz was always found rooting for Siddharth and the two of them developed a close bond. Talking about her shots of winning the show she said I hoped that I will come second so Siddharth could really win. She said "I knew Sidharth will win. Sidharth ka house mein chahe hatred ho ya love, uski har cheez dikhti thi. Hum log agar peche bhi baat karte the, toh usiki baat karte the."

Sidharth Shukla
Sidharth Shukla Big Boss 13 Winner (Image Credits: Twitter)

"Haan, mujhe second aane ki umeed thi. Asim Riaz ka Sidharth ke saath khada hona, achcha nahin laga. Unka koi mel nahin tha. Agar main uski jagah khadi hoti, toh achcha lagta," she further told Spotboye.

Only Sidharth was my well-wisher

Sidharth Shukla and Shehnaaz Gill

A house where almost everyone was plotting against each other Shehnaaz tried and maintain a cordial relationship with everybody. She explained that even after Shukla and Asim's relationship took an ugly turn if Asim was good to her, she behaved in a decent manner. She said, "I didn't have any problem with anybody. If Asim was good to me, I was good to him."

"Frankly, nobody mattered to me inside other than Sidharth. Only Sidharth was my well-wisher, others indulged in only peeth pechche buraiyi karna (back-biting). It was written on their face that they aren't good for me. But what to do? Inside the house there's a certain atmosphere which builds up that compels you to talk to people at least sometimes," Gill added.

Yes, we are in a relationship!


There's no doubt in the fact the SIDNAZ makes a handsome pair and fans just love them. No matter how many times Shehnaaz has confessed her love, looks like Siddharth only consider her as a close friend. Throwing some light on their equation Shehnaaz said yes, they are in a relationship but only as a friend. She went on to explain that she would never want to lose his friendship.

"I had said that I love him. And, he's protective about me. As he's protective, I am not waiting to hear 'I love you' from him. He's a very good friend of mine and I don't want to lose him as a friend. Waise, love relationships kahan chalte hain aajkal long time ke liye?," she said.

"Attraction hai, pyaar bhi hai lekin agar udhar se aisa nahin mila, toh I don't want to lose such a good friend like Sidharth. We can remain as friends forever, it is not necessary to get into a relationship," Shehnaaz added. Gill cleared that if in future, Siddharth retaliate mutual feelings towards her then she'll be fine but right now she's not trying to change his mind and focus on something he's not saying.