Ariana and Pete
Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson

Sure, Pete Davidson has moved on after he separated from singer Ariana Grande but has their fans moved on?

Recently, in a tweet (that later got removed), a fan had asked Arian Grande about "how long Pete is". To which Ariana did not hold herself back and replied, "Like 10 inches?" But the fan, who quickly clarified that he wanted to know the duration of the song, Sweetener, the song that is supposedly dedicated to Pete, unfortunately, fell on deaf ears.

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande's comment that has been removedPeople

Grande had first revealed, earlier this week, that she has dedicated a song from her forthcoming album to the Saturday Night Live star. She also gave a short clip of the song on social media and clarified succinctly that the track would be called "pete" when a fan enquired.

Now, when Pete found out he did not shy away from talking about 'it' either. The SNL star was performing a show in New York, and there he spoke at length about her ex's comment on her private part.

In a typical Davidson style, he joked about why he thought it was a "mean" thing to say but at the end was a "genius" move.

"Everything is huge to her," he said. Then he later moved on to how he thought it was a genius move, "So that every girl who sees my dick for the rest of my life is disappointed."

Pete and Ariana broke up in October 2018. Though the comedian admitted to having had a tough time since then, he seems to have been recovering when he was spotted getting cosy with Kate Beckinsale at Golden Globes after party in LA.