One of India's leading Youtubers, Carry Minati, enjoys a massive fan base of over 40 million. Carry, whose real name is Ajay Nagar, has been making parody and roast videos and winning the internet with it. The millionaire recently shared a video mocking Gaurav Taneja (also known as The Flying Beast), Technical Guruji (Gaurav Chaudhary), Sourav Joshi, and Armaan Malik.

Carry Minati, Anant Ambani
Carry Minati, Anant AmbaniInstagram

The Claim

In one of the segments, he also used foul and offensive language against the Ambani family. Soon after that a tweet of Anant Ambani directed towards the Youtuber took over social media. In the alleged tweet, Anant Ambani threatened Minati to take down the video or face legal action. A screenshot of the tweet went viral with Mukesh Ambani's son threatening the Youtuber.

Anant Ambani's alleged tweet

"CarryMinati, you are just a YouTuber and not a brand personality, that's why make videos within limits, #Gauravchaudhary Aka Technical Guruji's roasting video, whatever you have said about Ambani, #delete it otherwise legal action will be taken against you," the tweet read.

Fact Check

International Business Times, India reviewed the viral claims on social media platforms and investigated further to uncover the truth. Neither an account with this name and tweet was found on social media, nor the username that's been used. Anant Ambani doesn't have a Twitter account and the Ambani family never posts anything on social issues or discussions around them. The post seems to be a fanmade.

Claim Reviewed: Anant Ambani threatened to sue Carry Minati for his video mocking the Ambani family

Claimed By: Social media post

Fact Check: False