Dhoom: 3 The Game
Dhoom: 3 The Game has been downloaded more than 4 million times. (Facebook)

To complement the upcoming release of Bollywood action-thriller movie Dhoom 3 starring Aamir Khan and Katrina Kaif, game developer 99Games - in conjunction with Yash Raj Films - has released an endless 3D racing game, Dhoom: 3 The Game, for Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackbery 10 and iOS devices.

This is an official game of the movie and is packed with loads of action for Bollywood enthusiasts. Users will be able to control the anti-hero (played by Aamir Khan) in the movie, allowing him to escape cops (played by Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra) using his superbike. The game is set in the U.S. city of Chicago.

This is as an endless bike racing game where players will face various kinds of obstacles they have to evade. They will also have to dodge the heavy traffic and helicopters in pursuit, without letting their character get caught.

The mechanics of this fast-paced game are simple, where users are given an option to either select tap or tilt mode. The game starts straightaway once the selection is completed.

The game also boasts state-of-the-art graphics with a sensitive accelerometer. Users will have to collect in-game coins that allow them to buy sensational bikes, racing suits and power-ups. They can also boost their speed to escape enemies by judiciously using the Nitro boosters. Users can clear their path by making use of Sonic blasts or they can use Shields that will make them invincible for a short duration.

The game also offers Leaderboards where users can compare their scores and check where they stand amongst other similar gamers. The game has 32 levels and is free on all platforms.

Dhoom: 3 The Game weighs 29M and has 4.2/5 review rating on Google Play. The game was released on 19 November by Aamir, along with Katrina, at a event in Mumbai.

The game was downloaded more than a million times within three weeks of its launch, The Indian Express reported. Meanwhile, the Facebook page of the game posted "4 Million Downloads and Counting."

"By the time the Dhoom: 3 movie releases on 20 December, we are hopeful to cross the 1 crore downloads mark," said Rohith Bhat, CEO of 99Games Online, Animation Xpress reported.

"We took 6 months to complete the game, with 18 people working on it. We take pride in the fact that the game has been completely made in India, from ideation to execution."

Recent years have seen many Bollywood movie-based mobile video games hitting devices and are rapidly growing. Games like The Krrish 3 game (with over 2 million downloads globally) Chennai Express and Race 2 have built a fanbase for themselves.

(YouTube Courtesy: ninetyninegames)