Spoon worm
(Picture for representation) These alien-like spoon worms are found at a depth of 65 feet.Wikimedia commons

If you were freaked out by graboids — the fictional species of sandworm in the "Tremors" films —make sure you never step into the sea as it has worse creatures in store. Recently, National Geographic released a video of an alien-like green worm, which has terrified netizens.

Other than the appearance of the creature, which has been identified as green spoon worm (scientifically known as Bonellia viridis), what is most striking is its movement. The worm, which looks like a hybrid between a leech and an earthworm, showcases a pulsating movement throughout its body.

Another exceptional feature of this creature is its hunting equipment. These worms have a neural poison in their skin with which they can paralyze smaller animals for a quick snack.

Spoon worms, which are generally found in the north-eastern Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea at a depth of more than 65 feet, can grow more than six inches in length. The worms are known for showing exceptional sexual dimorphism.

Sexual dimorphism can be defined as a condition where the two sexes of the same species show different characteristics beyond the differences in their sexual organs. In case of spoon worms, females are significantly larger than male worms.

These creatures prefer to live in dark dingy places, by burrowing in gravel or hiding in rock crevasses. They have a bizarre feeding technique as well. Green spoon worms have an extendable feeding proboscis that can reach up to 10 times its body length. They normally extend this proboscis over discarded organic matter lying on the seabed to suck it in.

Check out the video here: