There's a lot to see and do as far as the new The Taken King DLC for Destiny is concerned. Earlier, just rumours about the DLC had created waves on the web. Now, with it finally going official for the Destiny faithful, needless to say, the new expansion has delivered as per expectations.

As of now, we are dealing with ways by which players can farm Exotic Engrams via Three of Coins in Destiny's The Taken King expansion. In case you didn't know, Three of Coins is a new item that was made available via Xur last weekend (September 18-20).

For it, the players needed to pay seven Strange Coins in exchange for five Three of Coins, which would then increase the chance of them obtaining an Exotic Engram after defeating an Ultra. So, this guide concerns you, provided you already concluded the necessary business with Destiny's favourite arms dealer of all time.

With the Three of Coins, it is currently possible to farm Exotic Engrams, provided you have enough Strange Coins at your disposal, apart from the Glimmer that's required to pick up ammo from the Gunsmith at the Tower. If you have done all the needful, read on to find out how to farm Exotic Engrams with Three of Coins.

Destiny: The Taken King – Farm Exotic Engrams with Three of Coins

  • If you have purchased ample Three of Coins packs from Xur already, it's good to stock up on all the three kinds of ammunitions. From here, head to Venus and complete Level 14 Story: Scourge of Winter mission. But, if you are already knee-deep into Destiny, you should know how to take care of this part.
  • Here on, you will need to battle through the mission and move up the stairs and into the boss' lair, although you need not go inside. Just stand close enough to the door so that it opens, then go into your inventory and activate one Three of Coins.
  • To find Draksis (the House of Winter's Kell), know that he is directly ahead you on the other side of the room. Just equip your sniper rifle and aim for his head for some critical damage. After a while though, he will disappear from your sight.
  • From here, kill as many Fallen as possible while staying your ground in front of the door (don't enter the room as the door will close). This is a safe route since you can always back up if you are unable to get rid of Draksis.
  • Keep eating away Draksis' health until he's down to his last bar of health. Once that is achieved, grab your rocket launcher, run up to him and blast him with a rocket, killing both Draksis and your Guardian. If you are lucky, he will then drop one of more Exotic engrams.
  • Once that is done, the game will then automatically respawn your Guardian in front of that same door, with the Exotic engram he dropped during the battle still inside. If you get the idea, keep repeating the process over and over again.
  • You could be more adventurous on how you deal with Draksis, provided you are already a level 40 pro. Note that it's not every time Draksis will drop an engram each time he dies, but the ones he does, collect them as much as possible. This is basically a hack and Bungie will address it soon, so make use of it for the time being.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]