Destiny's The Taken King DLC has made the kind of start Bungie could only dream of. We knew from the start that following the success of House of Wolves, the new expansion would draw more newbies into the game. And as you may expect, the company has enjoyed widespread acclaim following the release of the DLC.

One of the most interesting features that have come over with the new expansion is the Armsday giveaway that's now set to come every Wednesday. As revealed by Bungie earlier, Armsday kicks off every Wednesday and players have an entire week to complete Banshee-44's field tests, with the end rewards quite satisfying.

So what are the fine points of the Wednesday Armsday? Let's take a closer look.

Destiny The Taken King – Armsday Guide

  • On every Armsday, Banshee-44 will come around with new weapons for players to try out. Players can head to the Tower and pay him a visit, where they can examine each weapon and grab as many as they want.
  • Once a weapon is chosen, players can equip it as their primary, special or heavy weapon. Players can highlight the weapon and check out the objective. This could involve getting rid of other Guardians in the Crucible or even scoring precision kills.
  • If the necessary requirements are met, players will be free to keep the weapon equipped for an entire week, or even dismantle it for parts. This also gets players Gunsmith reputation, and there's no need to head over to Banshee-44 to collect the rewards.
  • Players earn Gunsmith rep for weapon field-testing. Once that is done, players can then level up the reputation for rewards. Players can also make use of the new loot system, as that provides more new weapons.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Prima Games]