Destiny's The Taken King DLC is a go. If you are stuck with the previously released House of Wolves and yet to try out The Taken King, you have no idea the kind of stuff you are missing out. From newly augmented Exotics to several hidden areas, this DLC has it all.

Talking about hidden areas, there is actually one that's been located in The Taken King's new quests that puts you and your fireteam up against one of the stiffest challenges the game has to offer, although it's the rewards involved that we are more concerned about.

And talking about rewards, it's the Exotic Black Spindle sniper rifle that attracts us the most, more so since it mirrors the very powerful Black Hammer from The Dark Below DLC. The item can only be found during Daily Heroic Strikes and you can look for one during the coming week.

Free Exotic Black Spindle Sniper Rifle – How to Get

  • When the next Daily Heroic Story comes around, bring a full fireteam. If possible, make sure everyone has over Light Level 290. The Black Spindle won't show up unless Lost to Light is being run as the Daily Heroic.
  • At the end of the mission, after opening up the two sealed doors, just run past the room with the third locked door and down a hallway past the Hive lamp.
  • You will then get a warning from your Ghost about a Fallen distress notification. Just follow the hallway up to the lift, which is the entrance to the Shadow Thief strike.
  • Once you have entered the first room of the strike, you'll have exactly 10 minutes to fight your way to the end. Reports have recommended players to bring a Void Heavy Weapon to take out the Taken Wizards, alongside a high impact sniper rifle for the boss.
  • Now get to the final room of the strike with six to seven minutes still remaining.
  • Here, employ one member of your party in charge of destroying the Taken Blights as quickly as possible. This is just to limit the number of adds.
  • Try to keep the party somewhat separate, so that the boss' projectiles won't blind all of you at once. You will need the other two members of your party to burn the boss as this helps clearing the Blights whenever they spawn.
  • After you have beaten the boss, clean up the adds. Just make sure you manage their numbers during the entire fight. If successful, you will receive the 310 Exotic Sniper Black Spindle sniper rifle.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Polygon]