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If you have harnessed enough joy in the past, thanks to Destiny's Oracle of Xur and the predictions involved in the game, brace up for some bad news. As it seems, Bungie might have successfully concealed its weekly stockpile list from the data-miner, and that might have something to do with the new 1.1.2 patch.

Bungie had previously revealed that it would release a new update fresh after it released the version 1.1.1 for the game. The Destiny Update 1.1.2 concerning five different elements in the game, was recently pushed out ahead of the launch of the House of Wolves DLC.

Fresh after releasing the 1.1.1 patch, the new version 1.1.2, based on a Game Informer report, brings fixes for vault space, raid fixes, audio & visual, PvP ammunition and strike. However, Bungie hasn't guaranteed if the current update will provide fixes for all encountered issues related to aforesaid elements.

Xur's Predictions Coming to an End?

While the new patch brings a host of changes and improvements for Destiny fans, it might also be the harbinger of some bad news involving all those who rely on the Oracle of Xur's predictions and data-mining skills. Everything is still in speculation mode, but the new patch could effectively block Xur's data mining abilities further.

The effect of the patch on Xur has shown with data-miner Megamanexe4 currently clueless about what happened with the weekly Xur inventory. As of now, his continuous efforts to regain access to the stockpile have been in vain. Megamanexe4 posted that he was unable to mine information on Xur's upcoming stocks on Reddit.

Megamanexe4 explained that if the situation continues for another two weeks from now, it would be extremely difficult for him to predict Xur's stock in the future.

He added that that he's not sure if this happens "because Bungie is controlling Xur directly or because of the server side changes that have been implemented recently, but if this happens again next week, or the following, he'll most likely be unable to predict Xur anymore."

This has also been the first instance where he has actually failed to tap into the system, since the time he started posting about the weekly Xur inventory. In a Reddit post he said: "Apparently he can't query for single items in Xur inventory anymore, whenever he tries the server just returns the same items from this week, all he can do now is predict the Exotic Engram and some of the items in the Upgrade Exotic list."

Nonetheless, Megamanexe4 still made a forecast for Destiny players, based on his earlier predictions a few months ago. He said provided Bungie hasn't changed Xur's list (this would include the items predicted earlier), gamers would still be able to see MIDA Multi-Tool, Obsidian Mindand Thunderlord within April or May.

What is Patch 1.1.2?

As mentioned earlier, patch 1.1.2 brings fixes for vault space, raid fixes, audio & visual, PvP ammunition and strike. In fact, the five elements listed above have been the focus of the Live Team module for Destiny. After the release of the patch 1.1.1, Bungie admitted that there were few bugs that made their way with the update.

For instance, the Update 1.1.1 caused problems for the fourth horseman and it was found out that gamer's stats on the weapons were flashing incorrectly. There was also something called "Weasel errors," apart from missing items when using the Companion app.

However, with the new patch, Bungie said that the Live Team for the game would focus on making the gamers happy with fixes and updates on the game. The Live Team feature, prior to this, had been among major feedback from gamers.

The update, additionally, is also said to have brought a "Colorblind Mode" for colour settings on Destiny. This "Colorblind Mode" option will have the game's colours improved with better contrast, so that colour-blind players can see the items in the game much more clearly.

Stay tuned for more updates!