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Xur has returned to sell items in Destiny.YouTube

Destiny's Xur Agent of the Nine, the merchant within the Tower, returns for the 11-13 December weekend. He offers new exotic weapons, armours and other rare goods that can be exchanged with Strange Coins. Xur is known to appear only on weekends.

Xur's inventory has been disappointing for Destiny players for the past few weeks and has not been exuding the level of excitement that it previously did. But when we compare it with the offerings from last time, we cannot complain much as they have not been bad either. Nevertheless, Bungie has released a new set of exotic gear.

This is Week 65 of Xur's appearance. Xur will be found standing in the Hall of Guardians. Xur will only be available from Friday at 5 am ET and depart at 5 am on Sunday.

Here are the items in Xur's inventory for the 11-13 December weekend:

Helm of Inmost Light (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 35 / 50
  • Strength: 36 / 51
  • Gain Death from Above and Headstrong
  • Gain bonus Super energy from melee kills on minions of the Darkness
  • Gain bonus melee energy on Orb pickups

Radiant Dance Machines (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Intellect: 40 / 58
  • Strength: 37 / 55
  • You move more quickly while aiming your weapon
  • Increases the amount of Sniper Rifle ammunition you can carry
  • Increased Agility for 5 seconds after a Void double kill

Nothing Manacles (13 SC)

  • Defense: 280
  • Discipline: 52 / 65
  • Enables Scatter Grenade tracking. Gain an additional Scatter Grenade charge.
  • Increased grenade throw distance
  • Increased reload speed with Hand Cannons

Monte Carlo (23 SC)

  • Attack: 280
  • Magazine: 36
  • Dealing damage with this weapon reduces your melee cooldown and grants a chance to fully charge your melee ability with each kill
  • This weapon has bonus accuracy while firing from the hip

Legacy Engram- Primary Weapon (31 SC)

Three of Coins stacks

Heavy Ammo Synthesis

Glass Needles

Bungie hotfixes an exploit

Meanwhile, Bungie has released a hotfix following the discovery of an exploit in Sparrow Racing League content after the release of Destiny update 2.1.0.

Bungie noted in its post that these issues were negatively impacting items in the inventory. Below is the hotfix for 2.1.0:


  • Fixed an issue where Exotic Leg Engrams did not decrypt into any items.
  • Fixed an issue where copies of "The Climb" FWC Ship was incorrectly providing Reputation.
    • This has been temporarily disabled on the Ship Collection kiosk and will be fixed in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue where the SRL Record Book, Vol. 1 items did not require the player to own the Record Book in order to acquire them.
    • Record Book items will not be deleted from players' inventories, but will now require ownership of the SRL Record Book in order to equip the items.
    • Any progress already made towards the Record Book will be saved.
    • Warning: Record Book gear can only be acquired once. Bungie is working on a future fix to allow players to attain additional instances in case of accidental deletion.