Richa Chadha, Ali Fazal,
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Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal are undoubtedly one of the most practical and real couples we have in the industry today. Staying away from social media PDA, the duo believe in spending quality time together, instead of showing it off on social media. While the two have been vocal about being in a relationship, Ali Fazal might have cheated on Richa Chadha. And what's more? Not with a woman, but with a man.

Yes, you read that right. Ali Fazal recently went on a same-sex date and even lifted his date in his arms. Well, not technically! Ali Fazal went on a blind date for Karan Johar's reality show on Netflix – What the Love! The show prepares real people to go on dates with celebs and groom themselves better.

Ali's experience

"This is the first same sex date for me. I have a lot of gay friends and have been hit on by men as well. To begin with it was a very nervous experience, more for me because I've never been on a same sex date before. But I stayed on and was just having fun with him. I think that was quite a task and I actually feel good about it," Ali said after his date.

Richa Chadha, Ali Fazal
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Richa's take on marriage

In an interview with Bombay Times, Richa had recently said about marriage, "We don't have time. If we were to talk about marriage, it will be like... I don't have dates in March, May is too hot, we are shooting a film in June, it rains too much in July... It will become like a line production job. We are waiting and chilling, and we are in a happy space. Our relationship is a great creative partnership. No one that sees us together feels like it's a mismatch."

"I said it's a miracle because it's rare to find like-minded people who share certain core values and have similar interests like poetry, music, films and literature. Ali is also progressive and liberal. To find someone like that in your industry is rare. Also, we never expected to end up together. It happened organically," Richa added.