"Don't kill Solo, I beg you." This is what young star Dulquer Salmaan has requested his fans and moviegoers. 

In a lengthy post on his Facebook page, the talented actor has said how much he loves his latest bilingual anthology movie Solo, despite there being a few issues here and there. 

"I loved every second of it. Sure there are a few issues here and there, in terms of language, because it is a bilingual and maybe the Shekhar track needed longer screen time. But, I absolutely LOVED the FILM. The original version. The version my director, Bejoy Nambiar envisioned [sic]," reads his social media post.

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Calling Solo a dream project for every actor, DQ has promised he will continue to do such "different" movies.

And to all people who asked why he did a film like Solo, the actor has said: "People tell me Solo isn't like Charlie and Bangalore Days. They asked me why I did it. They say I could have avoided it. They say this kind of experimenting is unnecessary. But you know what, that's why I love it. I want to constantly do 'different' films. Yup the biggkillet over used cliche of the film world. Different. [sic]"

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Dulquer said he always seeks stories wherever he goes, be it news articles, the people he comes across, the movies he watches or books he reads.

"And I've always believed my viewers give me the courage to tell any story. If it's original and if we tell it well, you will all enjoy it. Good, bad or ugly. Black, white or grey. It's always been my deciding factor in choosing scripts [sic]," he added.

Meanwhile, in the aftermath of the movie's release, viewers have been commenting about its "bad climax," which created a laugh riot in theatres.

With his recent FB post, the actor has reacted to people who mocked the World of Rudra — the fourth segment in Bejoy Nambiar directorial.

DQ claimed the humour element was included in the storyline intentionally, and that the reactions are breaking his heart as the entire team was excited about this unique and bold plot point.

Dulquer Salmaan, Solo, Neha Sharma, Bejoy Nambiar
Dulquer Salmaan and Neha Sharma in Solo.Solo - The Movie/Facebook

"We thought the best way to tell it was through humour. So when people say it became unintentionally funny I don't get it. The sequence where the amazing Suhasini Ma'am in a stellar performance of apprehension/embarrassment/awkwardness breaks the news to my character Rudra, has been for me one of the greatest scenes in my cinematic career. It was a single shot and I had to interpret it how I deemed best. I enjoyed that more than any scene in my life cause it's different from anything else [sic]."

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Dulquer has also said though the characters don't make the climax look like a comedy, they had fun when Bejoy narrated the scene, while acting, during dubbing sessions and finally when it was seen on the big screen.

He also reminded his fans how dark comedies are always awkward, and requested them not to "kill" the film.

"Of course the characters won't make it a comedy. They will be sad and broken and awkward on screen. Especially Rudra. Sadly because it was awkward people didn't understand if they were laughing with us (the makers) or laughing at us (the makers). Dark comedies are meant to be awkward. Always have been. That was our intention. So mocking it, booing in theatres, spreading negativity and hate and degrading the film because you didn't get it, just kills the film. It breaks our hearts, breaks our spirit, and kills the courage you gave me all along. So I beg you. Don't kill Solo. Give it a go with an open mind and you will have a blast with the film."

Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that the movie is now being screened with a different climax scene, but DQ has said he supports only Bejoy's version of the climax.

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"I stand by Bejoy Nambiar. And his version. Always. Cutting, shuffling or whatever by persons unrelated to the making of the film will also aid in killing it, [sic]" Dulquer said his post. 

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