Solo, Dulquer Salmaan, Dhansika, Neha Sharma, Arthi Venkatesh and Sruthi Hariharan
Dulquer Salmaan plays opposite Dhansika, Neha Sharma, Arthi Venkatesh and Sruthi Hariharan in SoloSolo - The Movie/Facebook

The much-awaited bilingual anthology movie Solo, starring Dulquer Salmaan, was finally released in theatres across Kerala and Tamil Nadu on Thursday, October 5. It has already broken the record of Mohanlal's Pulimurugan by releasing in as many as 225 screens on the opening day at Kerala box office alone. 

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Solo will also have a grand worldwide premiere in the presence of its cast and crew at Galleria Cinema in Dubai at 9 am on Thursday and will hit other markets in India on Friday.

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"A year to just film it. The sheer effort behind it is incomparable to anything I've done before. Bejoys (Nambiar) baby through and through and I got the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing actors in the country. A film I will always cherish and be proud off. We hope this pushes boundaries and encourages audiences to try all kinds of cinema at the movies ! Cannot wait for all of you to watch it and share your feedback and reactions to it. Lots of love to everyone of you and do watch it only in theatres. #Solo in theatres today worldwide in Malayalam & Tamil! [sic]," Dulquer posted on his Facebook page.

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Solo, made in Malayalam and Tamil, has four different plots that go through the lives of Rudra, Siva, Shekhar and Trilok, all played by DQ. It will revolve around four elements - Earth (Rudra), Fire (Siva), Water (Shekhar) and Wind (Trilok).

While the Malayalam version received U certificate from the censor board and has a running time of 2 hours 34 minutes, its Tamil version has been certified U/A and runs for 2 hours 32 minutes.

Solo, Dulquer Salmaan, Bejoy nambiar
Dulquer Salmaan in four different avatars in Bejoy Nambiar's Solo.Solo - The Movie/Facebook

Storyline, cast and crew

According to social media response, the movie begins with the World of Shekhar in which he appears in a never-seen-before avatar with long hair and stammering. He falls in love with blind dancer Radhika, played by Kabali-fame Dhansika.

In the World of Rudra, Dulquer plays an Indian Army officer Lt. Rudra Ramachandran opposite Neha Sharma. The young star appears as a goon named Siva opposite Sruthi Hariharan in the World of Siva and as a focused, calm, composed and wounded Trilok in the other segment with Arthi Venkatesh.

Solo is the maiden directorial venture of Bollywood filmmaker Bejoy Nambiar in Malayalam and Tamil. DQ himself has stated it as one of the best and challenging movies he has done so far in his career spanning over five years.

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Ajay Aravind

Strictly Personal review
An Admirable one
A decent anthology
Loved Solo. For its disparate quality perspective!!
Delightful Cinematography
DQ's Appreciable Performance
*Not everyone's cup of tea!!!


the only thing good about the movie is DQ and the songs other than that the movie the just cliched and predictable there is no rush or anything particularly interesting in the movie.The dialouge in the 1st part was so cliched that itself ruined the whole movie.2nd part was too short,3rd was fine,4th one was good in the beginning with Neha Sharma in it, then it took south in the climax .


dulqur is superb... Improving in acting... awesome direction... first half is so good and emotional... second half is so down average.. nothing is their... expectation wasted...


its good!! super climax!! looks are good!! neha sharma!! dulquar!! awesome!! pretty one time watchable!! having lag at some places !! eventhough its a fresh movie


super moviee the best class of DQ very good movie songs was really nice acting is brillant the thrilok character is very nice thanks to bijoy nambiar


bejoy nambiyar'S routine sub with loose thread..only trilok and shiva done good but others made me mad at theater ...director and dq done their job at best..go for an average thing..


The first 3 character was epic. Shekhar story was emotional and Thrilok was my personal favourite; couldn't get enough of him and Shiva well established by Dulquer but Rudra was not so great and the twist was kinda weird!


the anthology is worth watch with two films made me feel and the rest settles for an avg or above avg verdict. dq scores while the fil maker excells in pulling of emotions in frames with an ease as usual...worth watch. so called fans may get disappointed.


splendid performance from all stars dq awesome directed to perfection by Bejoy Nambiar all 4 Dq characters are differentthrilok, shiva, rudra, shekhar my personal fav Thrilok the silent hero


wonderfull theater experience.. With difrent kind of movie experience. A well exicuted movie.. congraths Bijoy nambiar, Dulquer salmaan... really happy


#Solo OK-ish Overall. World of Trilok & World of Siva . Rudra is the weakest one. Superb performance by @dulQuer& Excellent Music. A main drawback is the screenplay at some portions,which reminds the dubbing by local channels. Tamil version might be the better one


gud movie to watch and it is very entertaining movie of dq. nice concept was worked out very well. the for elements of the story is a good experiment


One of the best movie of the year, excellent making and background score. nAltogether a different experience.Supporting cast also does justice to their roles


Director has done a great job along with dulquer and other crews... Must watch it in theatres #solo#rudra#shiva#shekar#trilok... All of them has a nice story plot with action sequences..


i would rate the film 4 out of 5.each and every story was awesome.especially trilok and shiva.. rudra was good until the climax twist.overall director deserves all the applouds best of dq


what a movie. ..fantastic movie year 2017. dq amazing acting. cinimography is great. must watchable movie.every emotional in there. rate 4/5.


one ticket four movies experience dq acting performance is nice,music,romantic,thriller full experience in movie ,director thinking very proud of you,full fun enjoyment in theatre thank you


very good attempt fantastic movies all of them are stunning direction is high levelDQ rock...must watch don't miss itvery good attempt fantastic movies all of them are stunning direction is high levelDQ rock...must watch don't miss it

Sheikh Mohammed

big movie,,, malayalam flim industry need this type of movie, piller of this movie is dulquer salman. dulquer all type of acting professional,, please watch this movie 4/5


4 different stories n characters based on elements!! and that attempt is successful if shiva n thrilok is class then rudra n shekhar is mass!!


solo is excellent. movie DQ r rocking ..4charectors outstanding performance in DQ ... Bejoy numbiar done a good job intro romance stylish all super


I saw the solo# The first half was first started with the trumpets and the twinkling twists ...And then again ... Rudra was the one who made the most of the theater in the theater.It was a kick made in the climax ...Its really a different one go and watch itNB: This is not a fun movie ... it is a movie with a little class.


climax was such a utter nonsense. The four stories in the film is not at all connected and don't have anything to see . DQ should focus on the selection of films more


to understand the movie first of all you should have an overview about the four elements (earth,fire,wind and water).Its a romantic thriller entertainer


Very well executed movie with a different experience dq is simply awesome who portrays his character in an outstanding manner. my personal review for this movie is 4.5/5❤️


really fantastic... spectacular scenes. everyone must attempt frm bejoy nambiar.hats off u sir dq performed in an excellent n exclusive. way


No words fully suspense thrilling all characters mass romance drama and if you need wonderful Dulquer salmaan is the all films in a different acting Must watchable suspense thrill movie don't miss it

Ramesh Bala‏

#Solo 1st Half: 2 episodes r over.. Both r heart-warming stories.. @dulQuer 's acting Vera Level.. Especially #Trilok @SaiDhanshika is

Kaushik LM

#Solo 1st half - @dulQuer & @SaiDhanshika are very good in #WorldofShekhar. Extraordinary music. Strong #ManiRatnam stamp in the romance!

ganapathy yogesh

Finally Watching #Solo... Terrific 1st half.. Shekar n trilok good
@nambiarbejoy .. Exprimental..
Songs r too good..
@dulQuer @SaiDhanshika

Nidheesh Manikandan‏

@dulQuer super movie especially the first 3 worlds but after seeing the world of trilok i just wish that it was a full movie we had a blast


acting super talented excellent work hero dulquar Salman sho very good looking dulquar Salman I'm waiting for Hollywood movies all India waiting for you dulquar Salman

Mohmad Rizan☆‏ 

As per my expectations #Rudra gave me everything @dulQuer ikka outstanding performance @nambiarbejoy master brain,amzng exprimntal movie

Athul $‏ 

Shekhar was mesmerizing!! But Trilok was something much more!! #Solo First Half! Well the 2nd half was a complete dissappointment!!Mood created by Songs was a refreshing feeling through the movie!! Especially Aigiri Nandini was The Story tells around 4 elements! Fire, Water, Earth & Air!! 4 Stories doesn't have any connection!! 4 Stories were told separately & linearly!! That was a dissappointment! If it was said non linearly it would've been better!! Have to say Dulquer is turning into a fine actor!! I had Mammookka vibes all over the movie! Especially for Shiva  #Solo

Haricharan Pudipeddi

Halfway through #Solo. Two great stories. Quite moved, especially by the world of Trilok. @dulQuer is terrific

Ajmal Kabeer‏ 

Watched @SoloMovieOffl Lag is the major part of these type anthology based stories.As a film lover variety. @dulQuer @nambiarbejoy. These type of malayalam films are essential to improve the industry #SOLOFromToday Not a film for just watchout something to think.

Forum Keralam

#Solo First Half was ok and had good vibes after it. But Second was a let down. Expected more.. Overall on an average level. For @nambiarbejoy guts to try something like this in Malayalam..Have to wait and see if this digests to the majority. #Solo rides high on its performances by its leading man @dulQuer Trilok was superbShekhar And Siva were good

Emmanuel Stephenson‏ 

Truly Brilliant Sir @nambiarbejoy No words!! One of the best till date. @dulQuer so so special sir. Never been a fan of anyone this much

Muhammed Thanseeh‏

SOLO Its an amazing experience. Everyone acted so well especially kunjikkaa 4 variety roles acted as amazing.. Love world of shekhar most..

Roshan Moh'd‏ 

@SoloMovieOffl @nambiarbejoy @dulQuer 1half is awsome with Shekhar intro with Trilok intermission, Segment changing


1st Half Over.. Soft Heart #Shekhar Silent Killer #Trilok #Solo


#Solo 1st Half: 2 episodes r over.. Both r heart-warming stories.. @dulQuer 's acting Vera Level.. Especially #Trilok @SaiDhanshika is

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏

#Solo Tamil interval - Took some time to settle . @dulQuer s acting and Bejoys screenplay then started to rock !! Waiting for 2nd half.


#solo first half #trilok #shekhar a didn't connect !!! Technically excellent @nambiarbejoy Excellent first half @dulQuer

MovieMax Media‏ 

#Solo was fresh, gritty, awesome & beautifully put together.This is the movie we hv been waiting for!@dulQuer @nambiarbejoy #Solo #SoloMovie


Interval #Solo !!!!! @nambiarbejoy nailed it sirrr @dulQuer All rounder for a reason What an energy too good till now #Shekar Beyond Expectations @dulQuer@SaiDhanshika Chemistry " Speechless "

Movie Clickz‏ 

#Solo #GoSOLOtoday Good First Half Followed By Avg Sec Half Treat 4 @dulQuer Fans #DQ Superb Overall Go For It


It's Interval #Solo Trilok Menon and Shekar Career Best Performance SOLID Script


#Solo - Interval Good 1st half #WorldOfShekhar segment felt as an above avg one while #WorldOfTrilok was good


Interval Block It has two elements , Excellent stories of #Water & #Wind @dulQuer screen presence + Acting , Excellent Making #DOP

Malayalam box office‏ 

#SoloMovie half time 2 segments over now Very gud so farBgm and music stands out Dop&Direction #DQ shining #Solo @nambiarbejoy.

#SoloMovie Decent movie After all its an anthology Some lagging moments affect really badly #DQ superb Bgm @nambiarbejoy did a decentJob but could've made it more engaging #Trilok and #Siva were my favourite Fans will enjoy 2.75/5


#WorldOfShekhar Superb chemistry of Romance by @dulQuer @SaiDhanshika with nice BGMs and background speeches

Forum Reelz‏ 

#Solo | Good First Half Followed By Avg Sec Half Treat 4 @dulQuer Fans #DQ Superb Overall Go For It ✌️ #HeavyOpening

Yedu Yesodhar‏

#WorldOfTrilok story is about his revenge!! And its a well made twisted pack story.

Muhammed ansaf‏

#solo first half pwolichu ❤❤


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