An American firm is developing a high-tech tattoo, consisting of components and conductive paint to create circuitry in human beings, which in turn will transform the latter into a cyborg, able to gather health and biometric data from the body.

Chaotic Moon, Texas-based software design and development firm, is working to make the high-tech tattoo that is still in its initial stages, a reality. It will reportedly be able to gather and upload health and biometric data similar to Jawbone or the Apple Watch.

"This is the new wearable. The future of wearables if biowearables," said CEO Ben Lamm.

The tattoo is temporary and can be wiped off similar to that of a short-term fashion tattoo. It will be able to scan body temperature and detect if someone is tired on the basis of heart-rate, sweat and hydration level information uploaded through Bluetooth and location-based low-frequency web networks such as those utilised for apps like Jott or Firechat, according to Chaotic Moon.

Furthermore, Lamm said that the tattoos can also be used for tracking locations during visits to concerts or for keeping a track of one's child at an amusement park.

In the military, the tattoo can possibly be used to detect poisons in the air, identify when the soldiers get hurt or stressed and detect pathogens in a soldier's body as well.

"This is not something that can be easily removed like a Fitbit. It can be underneath a flak jacket, directly on the skin to be collecting this data and being reported back," Lamm said.

"It's an eco-friendly, non-invasive use of a platform that basically turns you into a human circuit board," he added.

Although biometric tattoos come with their own set of issues the opportunity to track humans on even a temporary basis, has a potentiality of new privacy and medical regulations as well, Lamm said.

"We're looking at this as a human circuit board and the human body as a platform that we can build on top of," Lamm said, TechCrunch reported.