Micromax Yu launched YuFit Fitness Tracker Wearable in India for Rs. 999
Micromax Yu launched YuFit Fitness Tracker Wearable in India for Rs. 999Yu

Along with its latest budget smartphone Yu Yuphoria, Micromax's sister concern Yu has launched a fitness tracker device in India. Dubbed as Yu YuFit, the wearable fitness tracker has been made available at the same price of Xiaomi's fitness tracker wearable Mi Band.

YuFit not only competes with the much popular Mi Band in the pricing category, but its features are also good and can actually force Xiaomi to rethink about bringing Mi Band successor. Read the 6 reasons written below to know why:

OLED Screen

Unlike Xiaomi's Mi band, Yu YuFit fitness tracker features an OLED screen for displaying your steps, slept statistics or important phone notifications. In Xiaomi Mi Band you need to be dependent on Xiaomi-made Mi Fit app to see all those.

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Made For India

Apart from tracking your workouts and sleep, Yu YuFit band also counts the amount of calories you consume in your regular diet. YuFit app has a database integrating thousands of Indian food calorie measure. So while eating a dosa or a chole bhature, all you need to click a snap and upload it to the app. The app will automatically add the amount of calorie consumption and will tell you how much work out your body requires burning the same.

Though several other fitness trackers offer the same, those solutions are either expensive or doesn't features the Indian cuisines. The Xiaomi Mi Band features a calorie burning counter according to your workouts but its yet to offer any calorie consumption utility.

The YuFit app integrates with HealthifyMe, an app provides coaching on weight loss and workouts. The app is already popular among Android users hence would be much convincing for the wearable buyers. On the other hand, Mi Band accumulates all the data to its Mi Fit app only for the same.


Yu is offering on call motivation from numerous coaches for making your workout schedule more effective. Through the feature, users can select any coach from the list and ask their tips on workouts. YU have announced first 1000 buyers of YuFit will get the service for free. Xiaomi is yet to introduce any such service for the Mi band users.