Moto 360 Smartwatch
Moto 360 SmartwatchIBTimes India

Buying a smartwatch has several advantages over its traditional wrist tied timepiece counterpart.

They offer a lot more than just a chronograph, like a watch that helps you with cooking or reminds you to take your pills or suggests what exactly you need to buy while shopping. It also helps the owner to read his/her emails without even touching their smartphones, control their fitness and also manage music playback at the same time.

The list goes on, but you can actually expect these utilities plus a lot more from a smartwatch, which your expensive luxury watches can't. It costs usually less than several branded luxury watches, an Android Wear based smartwatch like Moto 360 let's you connect your smartphone with the smartwatch via Bluetooth and offers you tons of features.

The Moto 360 connects via Android Wear app like any other smartwatches and offers the below written features which most of the luxury watches can't.

Watch Faces

The biggest advantage of buying a smartwatch over traditional watches is it never lets you get bored with your watch. A smartwatch like Moto 360 offers several built-in watch faces which can change the entire face by a single long tap. The Google Play app store also offers you several apps offering hundreds of paid and free watch faces focused to offer different utilities and looks.

While the apps like Luxury watchfaces lets you morph your smartwatch into a luxury watch, apps like Muzei lets you decorate it with an aesthetic painting. Simultaneously, apps like Weather Watchface or InstaWeather gives you the luxury to activate the weather prediction, GPS or Map right your smartwatch.

The Android Wear app allows you to manage all the installed watchfaces through a single window which can be activated and customised right from your smartphone by a single click.

EMail notification on Moto 360 Smartwatch
EMail notification on Moto 360 SmartwatchIBTimes India

Stay Connected

The Moto 360 smartwatch connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and gives you all real time information. For example, you can get all your current mails from your connected e-mail accounts, social sites notifications like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more, instant messages from Google Hangout, Whatsapp, Line and any others.

Actually, the connected smartwatch can fetch all the real time notifications from your smartphone and display you right on your smartwatch and lets you read it there or allows you to open on your phone by a simple tap. The Moto 360 also allows you to manage your notifications to improve the battery life.


The Google Play Android app store features numerous apps specifically tailored for Android Wear devices. Scattered into categories like tools, social, productivity, communication, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Travel and Games, the Google Play offers you to achieve a lot from your smartwatch.

For example, get all essential news right on yoursmartwatch through RSS feeds, play games, learn different languages instantly, take notes, record voice notes, find a date near you, and send emails through voice commands.

To mention what an Android Wear based smartwatch can achieve through its apps will require a separate article. On a positive note Google is continuously improving the Android wear compatibility and adding several apps every day.

In-built Heart Beat measurement app on Moto 360
In-built Heart Beat measurement app on Moto 360IBTimes India

Health Apps

The key reason behind discovering wearable technology is tracking health related activities. Naturally, this is the strongest arena of wearable devices. The with-screen counterparts having more advantages than the non-screen ones as the featured display allows the user to use several apps to measure health related activities and set new targets for them.

The third party apps allow you to count your every step, your running speed, distance covered, calories burnt, measure your sleeping pattern, remind you to take pills and more.

The Moto 360 also bundles Moto Body app to measure your everyday heart rate, count steps, calories burnt and more.

Smart Reminders

The major advantage of having a Moto 360 Smartwatch that you don't need to wake up your smartphone every time to see the real time notification, the connected Smartwatch is able to fetch all the required information right on the display. You can read an email, play or change current music tracks, see all current notifications, and take necessary actions through a single click. You can also tailor the notifications to appear on the smartwatch display according to your requirements.

Centralised Security

Another key advantage of buying a smartwatch is to enjoy some added security than normal users. Enhancing the experience a bit, Motorola has featured several useful utilities in its Connect App. Tailored to control the Moto 360 smartwatch, the Connect can find your smartphone.

Google Play also features few apps which help you to lock your device, car and even home by using your smartwatch as a key.