In the future, iPhones are likely to keep a track of users' fitness levels, by showing the rate of their heart beat, blood pressure and glucose levels.

Apple is reportedly working on a new feature that will focus on health and fitness, in its upcoming iOS 8. Meanwhile, reports also indicate that the rumored iWatch could soon make an entry, and thus integrate with the fitness apps.

9to5Mac reports that while iOS 7 was focused on design, iOS 8 is likely to focus more on the interface and will work closely with the new iPhone hardware that comes with intelligent sensors which will track the fitness of the user's body. iOS 8 is codenamed Okemo, which is a ski resort based in Vermont.

A new app in development, codenamed Healthbook, will monitor fitness stats, blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels.

These apps will be competing with the likes of Nike+ Fuelband SE and the Fitbit Force which are already in the market.

Apple has reportedly patented a technology that will keep track of cardiac data. Though the iPhone 5S has no such trackers, it does have apps that track some other fitness levels. Though it does not look like there will be additions of blood pressure and heart rate monitoring soon, these features are likely to show up in the future.

The new software will allow users to feed information on the medications they are taking, and the app will send reminders on the time it has to be consumed.