domestic violence
Neha Jain from Delhi, who was denied help by Police on several occasions.

Since the lockdown has started, the cases of domestic violence have taken a steep rise. A similar case, which was shared on Twitter of a Delhi woman, caused a huge uproar on Twitter and Facebook.

Neha Jain, who was reportedly tired of seeking some help from the police, finally resorted to social media to seek justice as the Police failed to register FIR in her case despite her approaching the Police.

She is reportedly from Sector 3, Rohini, Delhi. The post was shared on Facebook by Kundan Srivastava and was shared 144 times by other users on Facebook at the time of filing the report.

Neha brutally beaten by her hubby, along with her father-in-law, mother-in-law

According to the post, Neha was brutally beaten by her husband Satish Jain, along with her father-in-law and mother-in-law. She has been married to Satish for 11 years and they have two children.

The post states that since long, Neha is being subjected to never-ending domestic violence, physical and mental harassment by her husband and his family.

Neha said that SHO South Rohini shares a special reputation with her husband's uncle and this is the reason that no FIR has been registered in the case despite Neha trying for it repeatedly.

She stated that it is torturous for her to deal with the police. She's continuously trying to file an FIR against her husband and his parents for the atrocities and the brutalities caused.

While talking about the domestic violence incidents, Kundan's post stated that in July Neha was brutally beaten by her husband and her father-in-law and mother-in-law. According to her the reason was that she had told her household help for not doing household chores during the lockdown period.

She stated that she approached the Police but no FIR was registered.

In another incident, Neha reportedly stated that her husband deliberately pushed her from his scooter when a big truck was coming from behind. She said that she fell down from the scooter and sustained serious injuries. She somehow managed to go to Police station directly where the SHO promised to file an FIR but under the influence of her husband's family, the SHO provided non-cognizant report as a formality.

In the last incident, which happened in April, her husband recorded nude clips of hers under the influence of his mother and he is still in possession of the video recordings. The complaint has been given to SHO South Rohini and also to NCW cell having registration file number 8/C200004737/2020/NCW/SS/ANS. Nothing has happened so far on this.

Neha finally approached Kundan and asked for help.

The incidents were also posted on Twitter and Krishan Saini, IPS, came forward to help stating that he will do his best to get an FIR registered in Neha's case. Vaishali Poddar, a Twitter user, further added that the SHO, South Rohini, has been transferred some days back.