UFO Michigan
YouTube Screengrab: Mavi777

In 2009, alien enthusiasts all around the world were pulled to a state of ecstasy when multiple UFO sightings were reported in Turkey. After the mass sighting, a team of experts at the Council for Scientific and Technological Research studied about the unidentified flying object sighting, and in 2017, they concluded that the clips were completely authentic, and were not subjected to any kind of editing.

Now, videos of similar UFOs have been released by popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel Mavi777. The conspiracy theory channel claims that the clips showing two UFOs were apparently shot from the skies of Michigan a few days back.

The UFO spotted in Michigan seems to be triangular in shape, and we can see glowing lights on their finely cut edges. Interestingly, at first glance, the UFO above Michigan skies seems very similar to the flying objects that were spotted in Turkey.

The video uploaded by Mavi777 soon went viral, and conspiracy theorists were quick to conclude that alien life is a reality. Many conspiracy theorists, after analyzing the video started arguing that aliens used to visit the earth on sophisticated flying vessels, and they even claim that governments all across the world are aware of their existence.

In the meantime, some viewers of Mavi777 put forward a very different theory. As per these people, the UFO spotted in the Michigan skies has nothing to do with aliens, but it is actually a secret military vehicle conducting a routine night check. Some of these people believe that triangular vessels like the alleged TR-3B are being used by the United States Air Force to spy on other countries.

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after another flying object was spotted coming out of a Mexican volcano. The video was initially uploaded to YouTube by a user named 'Kat Martin 2016', and it gained popularity after Scott C Waring, a popular UFO researcher shared the discovery on his website 'UFO Sightings Daily'.

Even though UFO sightings have been reported widely worldwide, experts reveal that most of these videos are fabricated for clickbait needs.