UFO Mexico Volcano
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As UFO sightings continue to perplex alien enthusiasts and space experts, popular extraterrestrial researcher Scott C Waring recently shared some eerie pictures and clips that show a bizarre flying object coming out of a Mexican volcano.

In his website post, Scott Waring revealed that the video was originally shot by a YouTuber named 'Kat Martin 2016'. The eyewitness was apparently recording a volcano in Mexico using a live camera, and it was at this time that the strange flying object made its presence.

"I have no idea the actual size of this thing, so if you can estimate, please comment. Could be anything from a ufo to a bug lol. Interesting how it is still, then zooms off in the same direction it came from though! I don't know....I have seen bugs look that way on film, but it seems pretty big. That is a huge volcano, but I don't know how to tell the size of it," states the eyewitness.

UFO Mexico
YouTube: Kat Martin 2016

After analysing the video, Waring also argued that there might be an alien base 4-6 kilometres below the volcano. He added that local people in the area have several times witnessed bizarre UFO sightings in and around the volcano, and it clearly indicates that a hidden alien base is located there.

Waring even claimed that he himself had recorded more than 10 UFO sightings near this volcano. However, apart from the recent clip, he did not release any previous UFO recordings shot from the vicinity.

"This particular volcano is famous for its UFO sightings over the last five years. I personally have recorded about ten videos of flying objects near the mouth of the volcano in the past. Even the locals have reported seeing UFOs and even alien creatures on the volcano, so this video is not a surprise but is excellent evidence that an alien base does exist there," added Waring.

As the strange footage above the Mexican volcano went viral, viewers started arguing that aliens are living secretly under volcanoes and deep water bodies. These people claim that increased UFO sightings near volcanoes and oceans are an indication that these extraterrestrial beings are living there. 

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after another flying object was spotted in the Chinese skies by an aeroplane passenger. The eyewitness, who shot the UFO clip, revealed that the video was shot from flight KL883 which was en route Amsterdam to Xiamen, China.