Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone, Salman KhanReuters

In 2015, Deepika Padukone had broken down into tears in an interview while talking about her state of depression. She came out strong and overcame every circumstances that she faced during her tough time. However, Deepika was quite irked with Salman Khan for his take on depression.

During a recent media interaction Salman Khan said that he can't afford to have a luxury of being depressed or sad or emotional. He further said that no matter what he is going through, it works against him.

But Deepika was not so pleased with Salman's statement on depression. Without mentioning his name, Deepika slammed Salman for looking down upon the state of being depressed.

"People confuse it with being a bit sad. A male star recently said that he didn't have the luxury to be depressed. As if depression is a choice," Deepika Padukone was quoted as saying by Vogue magazine.

Recalling her battle with depression, Deepika said that the word that best describes her experience of depression is struggle. 

"Every second was a struggle. I felt exhausted the whole time," Deepika said.

It remains to be seen if Salman would change his views on depression after listening to Deepika's justification.