Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone
Ranveer Singh, Deepika PadukoneInstagram

There are two thoughts in saying that Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are one of the most talked about and most romantic couple in the Bollywood industry. Ever since the lovebirds got married in Italy, last year in December, they have been hitting headlines be it for their extravagant wedding receptions or their public display of affection. And it wouldn't be wrong to say either that many of us invest quite of our time in knowing more about their dating-cum-married life. And when Deepika Padukone recently took the stage and went on to reveal some of her bedroom secrets, fans couldn't keep calm.

On Wednesday, Deepika and Ranveer attended the Femina Beauty Awards 2019 and were awarded the title of the Beautiful Couple Of The Year. Deepika was then asked to take the stage and share a few words about her and Ranveer. And during the occassion, Deepika decided to let the chickens out of the coop by sharing a few of her bedroom secrets with Ranveer.

While answering a question about Ranveer's beauty secrets, Deepika said, "He takes longer in the shower, longer in the loo, longer to get ready, longer to get into bed..." As soon as she uttered the words, the anchor tried to pull Deepika's leg by saying, "Ranveer just takes a long time" and the audience erupted in laughter. To which, Deepika quickly clarified, "I said longer to get into bed" to convey that Ranveer takes long to go to sleep.

The video clip has now gone viral on social media and DeepVeer's fans are not only sharing a good laugh over it but also going gaga over their romantic chemistry.

Take a look.