Deepika Padukone's visit to the Jawaharlal Nehru University campus had let to a nationwide uproar and made way for huge controversies. Reacting to the same, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev in a press conference said that Deepika Padukone, as an actress, is good but needs to learn and read more about Indian culture and politics. He further claimed that she needs a mentor like him who can show her the right direction in sensitive matters.

He said, "unko aur padhna chahiye, desh ko samajhna padega aur usi ke baad unko aise bade nirnay lene chahiye. Unko Baba Ramdev ji jaise ek salaahkar ki zarurat hai jo unko aise muddo pe sahi raah dikha sake."

(Deepika Padukone should understand the social and political scenario of the country... she should read more, understand the country and after that, decide. She needs an advisor like Baba Ramdev who can show her the right path)

Baba Ramdev
Baba Ramdev

While talking about CAA he said, "No illegal immigrant should stay in India and the law doesn't revoke citizenship from anyone. He also said that the government has cleared the misconceptions." On January 7, Baba Ramdev spoke on what the government should do when the educational institutions become the hotbed for gang-wars.

He said, "If students learn politics in this manner, then how will they lead the nation in the future? This is not student politics, this is student hooliganism. It should strictly not be allowed and those who perpetrate such acts should be expelled from the universities and should be brought to books. Such fringe elements shouldn't be in universities but behind the bars."

Deepika Padukone taking a stand and supporting the students and professors who were attacked by a bunch of goons became a nationwide controversy and many even condemned her act. In fact, her latest release 'Chhapaak' was just two days away from release and came under the radar of controversies. But in some places, 'Chhapaak' was also announced tax-free.