R Madhavan's latest web series – Decoupled – on Netiflix, has not managed to impress all his fans. Starring terrific actors like Madhavan himself and Surveen Chawla, the show also marked Chetan Bhagat's debut into the digital streaming world. The show revolves around a couple that has lost the spark in their marriage, planning to divorce and continue to co-parent.

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The Good

While it has been a good change to see Madhavan change the way our Bollywood heroes are seen on shows with his slightly bulky look and salt-and-pepper look, that it probably the only thing the show got right. Though Madhavan could give a class on self-love and body positivity through this one, netizens strongly feel this was not the show for him.

R Madhavan, Chetan Bhagat
R Madhavan, Chetan BhagatInstagram

Though there are a number of clapbacks, it all falls under the radar of being disturbingly problematic. The majority of the jokes are either Islamophobic, sexist, or classist. What is even more worrying is that the trend continues from the first till the last episode of the series with full audacity and no responsibility.

The Bad

R Madhavan has been a role model for many. The man who stays away from controversy has given the industry some of the most memorable and loved characters. So to see him play borderline Kabir Singh and flaunt his male-entitlement in the regressive series is just not acceptable. Though there are a few punches that land right. The series undermines the fact that the Indian audience has evolved and is way past passing sexist, classist jokes as "humor".

And while there are many who didn't see anything problematic in the show, the majority did find it worrisome.

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