Death is one of the most perplexing phenomena humans have been facing for years, as no one can escape from this ultimate reality. According to medical experts, death is the end of everything, but spiritualists who believe in the afterlife state that a human soul will continue its journey in a different realm after taking the last breath. And now, a woman has shared a wild theory online stating that people never actually die, instead, they are transferred to an alternate universe. 

The existence of quantum immortality

Joli, who calls herself a philosophical artist, on her TikTok video, put forward the Quantum Immortality theory and claimed that nobody ever actually dies. 

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"If you're hoping that apocalypse is going to bring you that sweet, sweet relief, I'm sorry to burst your bubble. Quantum immortality theory suggests that nobody ever actually dies, that consciousness never experiences death. Instead, whenever you die in one universe, your consciousness just gets transferred to a parallel universe where you survive," said Joli. 

The new Mandela effect

According to Joli, this effect is called the new Mandela effect where people woke up without the memories of their survival of apocalypse

"So after the inevitable apocalypse occurs, you're going to wake up the next day in a new reality.  And the next thing you know, you're going to find yourself on Reddit talking about 'Since when did Pizza Hut have two Ts?!' Arguing with people who are native of this new reality, talking about 'It's always had two Ts?'" added Joli, Daily Star reports.

Even though followers of Joli are convinced of her new theory, skeptics claim that these videos are being made just to elevate her popularity in online spaces. They also added that the claims made by Joli have no scientific support.