Several people believe that death is the only ultimate truth in human life, as no one could escape from that last breath before the brain stops functioning forever. However, a section of spiritualists believe that death is the end of human life in the physical form, and they strongly argue that the so-called soul will continue its journey in a different realm. To substantiate their views, these spiritualists often put forward near-death experience (NDE) testimonials shared by people from different parts of the world, and one such testimonial has now grabbed the attention of believers who strongly propagate the concept of life after death. 

The unusual experience shared by a Californian man

This unbelievable near-death experience is shared by a man from California. While speaking on the Coast to Coast podcast, author Keith Thompson recalled how he reached the verge of death when he was swept into a riptide in Hawaii, during his early twenties. 

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Thompson claimed that he saw himself rising out of his body during these dying moments. The NDE victim also revealed that he saw heaven on that day. 

"I had never had an out of body experience, but I knew I was because I looked down and there was a man in the water struggling, and that man was me. I felt tranquil, calm, serene. I had an interaction with a profound sense of presence that seemed to have been with me all of my life," said Keith during the talk. 

The heavenly entity that gave Keith a second chance

As Keith entered this mystical realm, a heavenly entity apparently asked him whether he should return to life. 

"And this presence said, 'what will you choose?' And I realised that the decision was mine, and that the decision was whether or not I was going to stay here in this infinite place of unspeakable beauty. Or whether I was going to continue with the choice that I had made to be born. The question I asked myself finally was, 'would it be possible for me to bring this back there? " added Keith. 

As Keith expressed his wish, the heavenly presence agreed, and he apparently reached back to his body. 

The near-death experience testimonial which has gone viral on the internet has now made many people believe that life after death could be real. However, medical experts strongly disagree to these afterlife claims, and they strongly assure that a human life ends when the brain stops functioning. According to these medical experts, the brain will adopt a survival trick during life-threatening moments to combat the reduced oxygen supply, and it is resulting in these visual hallucinations.