life after death

Modern medical science considers death as the end of everything, but spiritualists think otherwise, and they believe that humans will start their eternal journey after taking their last breath. To substantiate these views, spiritualists often cite testimonials of near-death experience (NDE) victims. One such NDE testimonial from a UK woman named Rachel is now going viral on social media platforms.

Rachel shared her mysterious experience in the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. In the testimonial shared, Rachel revealed that her near-death experience happened during a blood transfusion following delivery. After falling into the clutches of death, the woman claimed that she hovered above her newborn baby.

The NDE victim went on claiming that she went through an illuminated tunnel, and later, she saw even the minutest things she did in her lifetime.

"I watched my own poor mistakes and learned from every re-living. I watched myself as a child, bitten by a guinea-pig and in shock, half launch it onto the sofa. How the way I mistreated others, deeply hurt and affected them and also how that pain, fear, and confusion would then impact the lives of others too. In the 'time' I spent in this re-living, I developed deep gratitude for many things. The experience of life for one. The people and the hearts that had touched my soul in beautiful ways and the fragility of being human. My new found wisdom seemed satisfactory and we were moving," wrote Rachel on the NDERF website.

Rachel revealed that she travelled towards a bright light that was actually drawing her towards it. As per Rachel, she felt incredibe peace during that journey, and she did not experience any kinds of fear or intimidation. The NDE victim also made it clear that the only thing she experienced was love in its purest form.

"It was every incredible feeling that I will never be able to describe. It was immediate peace. Absolute, whole peace all throughout me. There was no pain, there was no fear, there was no shame. I felt completely accepted. Totally whole and loved. Loved beyond comprehension. Loved in my entirety. Loved with a Love I have not felt here. Loved with the purest love there can be," added Rachel.

Rachel's testimonial has now emerged as the hottest debating point among medical experts and spiritualists. As per spiritualists, Rachel's experience is authentic proof of life after death. These people believe that afterlife is a reality which modern science cannot explain. Citing religious books, they claim that the human mind will transform into souls after death, and from then, they will begin the real journey. 

However, medical experts have dismissed these claims, and they reveal that the human brain will face a shortage of oxygen during life-threatening events. To overcome this, the human brain will adopt a survival technique and this is the main cause of visual hallucinations during NDE.