life after death

Science considers death as the end of everything, but spiritualists have a different point of view, and they believe that humans will start their eternal journey after their final breath. Religious books including the Bible, Quran and Gita also claim the same, and it has made many people believe that life after death is a reality. Now, a man named Greg has sensationally claimed to have seen 'Good Fairy' during a near-death experience (NDE).

Greg made these remarks on an NDE testimonial shared on the NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) website. As per Greg, he climbed a beautiful stairway made of translucent pink marble, and he was guided by a compassionate female whom he calls the 'Good Fairy'.

"At about age 3, I remembered walking up a beautiful stairway made of translucent pink marble. I was wearing those child pajamas with the plastic foot pads and elastic around the ankles, which I can still 'feel.' I was walking up a beautiful, curved stairway with a compassionate and caring female who reminded me of the 'Good Fairy' to my child's mind. She wore a light blue, shimmering and diaphanous gown with a belt around the waist. She didn't have wings, was not earthly, and was very kind. I remember feeling secure around her although no words were spoken," wrote Greg on his NDE testimonial.

After some time, Greg apparently saw another female whom he believes to be an angel. The NDE victim also claims that he had talked to this angel for a very brief time.

"We slowly ascended to a landing where another female angel/good fairy sat waiting. We paused, and this female 'spoke' to me. Even at such a young age, I sensed she was more 'important.' It was a brief exchange," added Greg.

This is not the first time that a person is sharing mind-blowing near-death experiences that suggest the possibility of life after death. A few days back, Eva, a woman from the United Kingdom, claimed that she felt euphoria during a near-death experience. The woman also revealed that the experience she felt was really pleasant.

Even though spiritualists consider these experiences a solid proof of an afterlife, experts have dismissed these claims and they reveal that it is the survival technique of the human brain during life-threatening events which cause these visual hallucinations.