Artificial Intelligence
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A new report from Bank of America has claimed that death delaying technologies will be undoubtedly one of the biggest investment areas in the coming decades. The report also added that human life expectancy will be more than 100 years in the future; all credit goes to the advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), genetics and medicine.

It should be noted that the death-delaying technology market is already worth $110 billion and will rise to around $600 billion by 2025. The study report for Bank of America is prepared by Merrill Lynch analysts Felix Tran and Haim Israel.

"Medical knowledge will double every 73 days by 2020, versus every 3.5 years in 2010. Genomic sequencing costs have fallen 99.999% since 2003. This has enabled a new frontier in precision medicine to further extend life expectancy, heralding a 'techmanity' (technology meets humanity) revolution," Tran and Israel told CNBC.

Experts have termed this quest to delay death as 'Ammortality'. Trans and Israel believe that will help to improve health spans & lifespans to the betterment of human vitality, and the world will slowly become disease free, rather than forever. In the study report, Tran and Isreal noted that the Ammortality business sector will alone be worth $504 billion by 2025.

As per the report, some of the companies which are expected to score big in the area of 'Ammortality' in the coming years will be technology firm 'Intuitive Surgical' and medical device company 'Zimmer Biomet'. Interestingly, Zimmer Biomet has already collaborated with Apple to launch a clinical study that includes 10,000 hip and knee replacement patients.

The research report noted that another growing market that works on death delaying technology is genomics, and it is expected to emerge as a $41 billion industry by 2025. The market space artificial intelligence and big data techniques to healthcare is expected to grow by $36 billion in value by 2025.