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Aging is a natural process, but everyone wants to remain young. The number of anti-ageing beauty products available in the market is a proof. Moreover, for ages, people have been looking for the mythical 'fountain of youth' and it seems that the quest is finally over.

Scientists have found out a way to prevent humans from growing old. The medical research team at Houston Methodist Research Institute have possibly found a way to reverse ageing in human cells.

The 'cure' was found by studying cells taken from children with progeria -- a rare genetic condition which leads to accelerated ageing and early natural death.

Dr John Cooke, the lead author of the paper published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, said: "We can make aged cells younger."

Dr Cooke's research team targeted the telomeres of patients' cells—the tip of chromosomes whose length roughly corresponds to age in humans. As we get older, the telomere gets shorter. 

Researchers also used a technology known as RNA therapeutics, which helps in delivering RNA directly into cells, to spur cells and produce telomerase -- a protein that helps in lengthening telomeres. This technique improved lifespan and function of the cells.

Dr Cooke said: "Before, cells would multiply very poorly and then die." After the procedure was done, "cells proliferated normally. It was a dramatic improvement." The signs of ageing, such as the release of inflammatory proteins, were reduced after the procedure.

However, the experiment done on human cells in a petri dish is one thing and trying to expect a full-fledged human body produce the same results is something else, Dr Cooke mentioned.

Dr Cooke admits that there's plenty of research still to be done and is being hopeful that applications of his work will also fight age-related diseases in the near future.