Karan Johar
An open letter slamming Karan Johar is going viral.Twitter

Karan Johar is having a tough time ever since he had posted his house party video that raised allegations of use of drugs by some prominent celebrities of the industry. Now another open letter slamming the film-maker from an anonymous person is going viral on social media.

One newly created Twitter handle by the name "Not Kangana" posted an open letter questioning Karan's intention behind posting a video that shows big stars in a "visibly vulnerable and intoxicated state".

The person not just targeted KJo in regard to the viral video, but also ridiculed him on his film-making skills. In the process, it also takes a dig at MS Dhoni's match finishing abilities.

Below is the entire content of the open letter that is being widely retweeted and talked about on social media.

"Dear Karan, you were never a good filmmaker but once upon a time you understood marketing and PR well. Off late your understanding of the above mentioned subjects is resembling a certain MS Dhoni match finishing skills.

I am not your critic or a fan, neither am I here to question you whether drugs were used on your party on Saturday nor do I have the voyeuristic curiosity to find out whether proceedings were 'appropriate' or not that night This letter is about the MYTH of your smartness. Please consider the following questions.

  1. What were you thinking when you shot and put out this video on your own social media where you have our big stars visibly In a vulnerable and intoxicated state?
  2. Why were you flaunting this? Did you think that this kind of brazen flaunting makes you more 'aspirational'?
  3. Were you showing to all of us your closeness and influence over these stars even after giving string of flops? That this happens only at a KARAN JOHAR party.

Everyone parties Karan. These stars are also humans but unfortunately they and you can't flaunt then inappropriateness and decadence. And the reason is that they earn tons and tons of money for being role models and "influencers'. Success comes with an obligation to be more responsible. You have USED these stars to build your brand and conjure up a world that isn't working anymore.

India has changed Karan and not entirety for the worse. We aren't any longer worshipping stars and celebrities unquestioningly. Naked display of privilege and wealth won't endear you to your audience Karan, a good, entertaining film would. This is 2019 and not 2001 when your Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham released. People don't buy bullshit anymore.

You aren't learning from your mistakes and neither these stars are. You almost finished the career of a supremely talented cricketer called Hadik Pandya by getting him to say things on your show that you and he thought would make him cool. He didn't understand PR but you did. His brand is forever dented thanks to your outdated idea of 'cool'.

You surround yourself with the gen next these days but you don't understand youth at all Karan and neither does your great friend Aditya Chopra. Otherwise you won't make a classic called SOTY 2 neither he would direct a film celled Befikre. Youth is not hollow. We are a society in transition. 90 percent of Indian youth may not know the word millennial. Please be as curious to know about that huge section as you are to dig into slurry details of your colleagues' sex lives.

You were always a below average filmmaker but once upon a time you understood social trends and capitalized on it. But as they say every person in the nearby graveyard was alive and kicking once. Very much like us our skills aren't immortal but of course through learning and constant updating we increase their longevity".