Were celebs on drugs at Karan Johar's party
Were celebs on drugs at Karan Johar's party? MLA writes open letter demanding their apology.Video screengrab

Karan Johar has had triggered a controversy by sharing a video from his house party that made many believe that the stars present there were high on drugs. Now, MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa, who had directly alleged that it was a drug party, has now come up with an open letter demanding apology and accountability from the Bollywood stars.

A video posted by Karan had gone viral on social media, in which stars like Deepika Padukone, Vicky Kaushal, Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Malaika Arora, Ayan Mukerji among others were seen partying at the film-maker's house.

The controversy started as most of the celebrities in the video appeared to be intoxicated. Many on social media, including the MLA, opined that the Bollywood stars were high on drugs.

Manjinder has now posted an open letter, slamming the stars for their alleged consumption of drugs, and demanded apology from them. The MLA pointed that if politicians and sports personalities are accountable for their deeds, film stars and idols should also be accountable for their actions.

Below is the full open letter from Manjinder:

In last fifty years, or ever since I am observing the country, Cricket and Bollywood continue to bind the nation. If Sachin Tendulkar is worshipped in our nation, there are millions of worshippers of stars like Rajnikant as well. In such a world of fan-boys and fan-girls, Bollywood stars continue to enjoy people's unbound love and support on social media as well as on national stages. You are given the front row in national functions and events, you are treated like India's unofficial ambassadors abroad and you are the trendsetter, in hair-cuts, hemlines and even when it comes to naming the children!

Does it sound fair on your part when you escape your accountability citing PRIVATE LIFE as an excuse to organise and then flaunt on Instagram your Drug Party? If it was not a drug party, why were there no food or drink glasses? If it wasn't a powder-impacted state, why did you all appear stoned and shamelessly out of your senses?

Does your dislike for drugs and narcotic substances limited to on-screen presence and just to defame a state for some cheap publicity (and hefty money), Is there any passion within when you associate with a cause or all that campaigning is a part of "Drama" done to please some group or agenda-setters? I ask Karan Johar, if Hardik Pandya can get punished for his sexist remarks (made on your own show); if a politician can be asked to resign on moral grounds; what stops Bollywood stars from coming under public scanner of morality?

If we elected representatives are answerable to the public, even our STARS & IDOLS are also accountable for the actions they do off-screen! When I saw that video, I felt an unexplained anger as if someone I knew personally broke the trust... do you even realise the kind of bond people share with you, dear Bollywood? Rather than asking me to apologise, I wish Bollywood stars had the guts to say a SORRY to the nation for breaking the trust. In the end, I would just request Media to be the platform of accountability. It is us who make them the stars; now it should be our collective privilege to question them when their light start pointing us in the wrong direction!