Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds
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The Deadpool movies' screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have had a lot to say about their involvement in the larger MCU and their ideas for the much-awaited threequel. While the two writers are also hoping to explore more of the cinematic universes' sandbox - there's no doubt that their first priority lies in giving the fandom a Deadpool 3.

The fate of Deadpool 3 currently rests in the hands of Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Though there were initial concerns if Disney would continue making Deadpool as an R-rated title, the writer addressed the issue stating that "Marvel has promised" to let them "play in the R-rated Deadpool Universe."The real question puzzling fans is, When will the two writers begin working actively on the Marvel project? Unfortunately, there isn't an exact production start date at the moment.

During an interview with Fandom talking about their recent film, Zombieland: Double Tap - the writers, Reese and Wernick also spoke about Deadpool 3. The two added that they are currently awaiting a green light signal from Marvel's head to begin work.

Deadpool 2 Ryan Reynolds
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"Kevin Feige has so much on his plate and he is the master of the universe. When Kevin says it's time, it'll be time. That may be a year from now, it may be six months from now, it maybe three years from now," said Wernick. "He doesn't make a wrong move so whatever decision he makes will be the right one. Again, we're ready to snap to it whenever Ryan gives us that call and says 'Let's go.' And that's also about finding the right idea and how that fits into the larger MCU universe. It's a little more complicated than when we were at Fox, but we're happy to be part of the MCU now and whatever Kevin says, we do."

The fact that Feige has several active projects on hand is a no brainer. The MCU boss's film division not only handles the Marvel feature films but also the upcoming Disney plus shows like WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Solider etc. Furthermore, Feige's new role as the chief creative officer for Marvel Entertainment extends his creative/publishing control reach beyond the MCU.

There's also hope that Feige could be building a larger multi-verse for the MCU that involves Marvel's Netflix series character like Daredevil as well as others like ABC's Agents of SHIELD. Among all this, lies the Merc with a mouth's R-rated universe.

Fortunately, the success of earlier Deadpool movies plays a role in studios' decision in moving forward with a threequel sooner than later. Hopefully, as a new rumor also hints, fans may hear some exciting announcements in the following days or months. Deadpool 3 does not have a release date assigned it.