Deadpool 2
Ryan Reynolds, Instagram

Deadpool 2 released over the weekend and the movie introduced several and killed a few X-Men characters. From Cable to Domino, the Ryan Reynolds starrer was packed with X-Men mutants.

The Deadpool sequel also introduced to one of the most famous villains from the X-Men comics, Juggernaut. In the movie, Deadpool is seen having a fan moment when he meets Juggernaut, however, little did anyone know that the actor behind the caged headgear is none other than Reynolds himself.

Talking to Polygon, Deadpool 2 writer Rhett Reese revealed that the reason behind casting Reynolds as the villain of the movie. "It feels like a little bit of a reboot to us with Juggernaut as opposed to incorporating the Juggernauts from the past," Reese said.

"He's a man of few words and a temper and he expresses himself through kind of murderous physicality ... We thought we could take full advantage of CGI to make him the powerful force of nature that he really deserved to be and wasn't in earlier movies," he added.

Reese further explained, "Ryan does that fanboy thing when he meets him, which is probably an imitation of everybody who's ever come up to Ryan Reynolds in his last 25 years." Eagle-eyed fans might have noticed that Juggernaut hasn't really died.

"He's not dead at the end of the movie, so we could certainly bring him back ... We had fun with that and we'd love to see Juggernaut back," he added. In the movie, Juggernaut is let loose after Russell "Firefist" Collins finds solace under the X-Men character when Deadpool chases away the child following Cable's attack.

While Reynolds turned to the mirror for the portrayal of Juggernaut, David Leitch reached out to a list of stars to portray the role of the X-Force. The director casted James McAvoy's Professor X, Evan Peters' Quicksilver, Alexandra Shipp's Storm, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, Tye Sheridan for Cyclops and Kodi Smit-McFee's Nightcrawler. The biggest surprise came in form of Brad Pitt who played the role of Vanisher.

The actor was speculated to play the role of Cable before the team pinned down on Josh Brolin for the role. Zazie Beetz played the role of Domino.