On Tuesday, Cyberabad police took to Twitter to create awareness about road safety with a tragic video of an over speeding Audi car hitting an autorickshaw in the wee hours on Sunday, June 27, morning.

The rickshaw driver suffered severe injuries, while the passenger, Umesh Kumar, an employee of Prism club died in the accident. According to the police, the person driving the car was under the influence of alcohol.

A video grab from the cctv footage released by Cyberabad Traffic Police
A video grab from the cctv footage released by Cyberabad Traffic PoliceTwitter

Upon investigation, the police have arrested Sujith Reddy (driver) and his friend P. Ashish (co-passenger), both in their early twenties, who were travelling in the Audi car that struck an autorickshaw from behind, near Inorbit Mall, Madhapur, reported IANS. While Sujith is a civil engineering student at Goa institute, Ashish is an employee of HCL.

Father tried to cover up

According to a report by Newsmeter, a Telangana news portal, the cops traced the number plate of the vehicle registered in the name of Raghunandan Reddy, founder of a local high school. The case turned out suspicious when he brought along his driver, 55-year-old Prabhakar, who admitted to committing the crime but the police refused to believe it and dug deeper into the case.

Eventually, it was revealed that the car was taken out by Sujith and his friend Ashish for a private party near Ramky Towers. They both left the guest house early Sunday, heavily drunk and hit the autorickshaw on their way.

Culprits allegedly tried to wipe out evidence

After travelling for some distance after the accident, Sujith Reddy and Ashish got out of the car and tried to remove the number plate to wipe out any evidence. When a security guard from a nearby building questioned them, they threatened him and escaped, leaving behind the car, reports said.

The police booked Raghunandan Reddy under section 203, 205, 212, and 419 of IPC for harboring his son and misleading the cops, while Sujith and Ashish have been booked under 304 (2), 201 and 506 of IPC.