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The students were complaining of severe stomach acheTwitter

At least 60 students of a primary school in Karnataka's Chitradurga were admitted to a local hospital in the district on Tuesday when they began vomiting and complained of stomach pain after eating their mid-day meal. The food was served to 125 students in the school. Further investigations showed that there was a dead lizard in the food, which was discovered by a student and a sample of the food has been sent for a detailed inspection, according to reports

There was an overflow of patients and not enough beds in the hospital which led to many students made to lie down on the floor. This is the second such incident occurring in this school when many students fell ill after eating mid-day meals in July. In September, over 10 students from a school in Mandya in Karnataka fell ill after consuming their midday meals. Just like the incident on Monday, a lizard had fallen in the food which caused the health issues.

mid day meals
A teacher said that plates were old and discarded. (Representational Image)Creative Commons

In another similar incident, over 80 students at a school in Karnataka's Bellary district were taken ill after a dead lizard was found in the food served during the mid-day meal in December 2018. A boy had found the lizard in his pulao and informed the rest of the class. Due to the shock, many students began vomiting and three were admitted to Hagaribommanahalli Government Hospital. Parents and villagers staged a protest stating how angry they were angry about the carelessness with which the midday meals are cooked and were also upset with the negligence of teachers.